How to Play the Game Left Center Right Dice?

How to Play the Game Left Center Right Dice?

Left Center Right is a dice game played among 3 to 5 players utilizing dice and poker chips. The strategy dice game is quite easy and can be played by children over the age of 8 and adults. LCR dice game includes both strategy and luck where players take turns to toss the dice and pass poker chips depending on the result of dice rolls. The aim of each player to win the game is to be the sole player to have chips left over by the end.  

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Sounds like a simple yet fun card game to play? Begin with the Left Center Right card game by learning the gameplay and rules through this swift guide. 

Rules of the Left Center Right Game 

The Object of the Game 

The game aims to be the sole player in the game with chips in hand. The player who is the sole one with leftover chips wins the game. 


The game consists of the use of 3 dice and a minimum of 9 poker chips. The game is played among a minimum of 3 players who are seated around a circular table with enough space for every player to place their chips on the table. The middle of the table is referred to as the pot and the players place their chips in the middle when required. Each player is provided with 3 poker chips to begin the game. 

The numbers on the dice are appointed for Left, Center, and Right as follows: 

  • One, Two, and Three equal Dots 
  • Four equals Left
  • Five equals Center 
  • Six equals Right


Each player takes turns in a clockwise fashion to roll the dice. The player counts the number of dots rolled in the dice between the numbers 1 to 3. The player that rolls the greatest number of dots is the initial player to start the game. 

In the Left Center Right Game, the players rill as many dice as they owe. In the initial roll, the players roll 3 dice each. When the players take turns for the initial roll, they look at the dice to see which side is facing up. 4 probabilities can come up on the dice: 

  • If there’s a 4 (Left) on the dice – offer 1 chip to the player on the left
  • If there’s a 5 (center) on the dice – offer 1 chip to the middle pot.
  • If there’s a 6 (Right) on the dice – offer 1 chip to the player on the right. 
  • For every dot that’s rolled on the dice, the player keeps an equal amount of chips.

Taking an instance; the initial player rolls 2 dots and one 6 (Right). The player offers 1 chip to the player on the left side and retains 2 chips for themselves. In the same way, if the initial player rolls 3 dots and one 5, they will offer 1 chip to the middle pot and retain 3 chips for themselves. 

After the initial player has played their turn, the turn is passed to the ensuing player in a clockwise fashion and the game proceeds similarly. The initial round concludes when each player has played their turn. 

If a player doesn’t have any chips with hip, they cannot roll the dice for that round. However, that player will not be out of the game till a player triumphs the game as there can be a probability that a player may pass a chip to that player during a round. 

How to Triumph in Left Center Right Dice Game? 

The game proceeds until all the players, except 1 player, have lost all their chips to that player. The player who still has chips leftover triumphs in the game. 

LCR Game Variants 

LCR Wild 

If you are searching to play a more aggressive LCR version, you can try out LCR Wild. The rules are similar to the first LCR game with a few variations. In this version, one of the dots on each dice is altered with W. After that the normal LCR rules pertain to the game. 

So, if you roll 1 Q, you take 1 chip from any player. 

If you roll 2 Ws, you can either take 2 chips from one player or 1 chip for each of the 2 players. 

If you roll 3 Ws, you will win the game swiftly. 

LCR’s Final Chip Wins 

If you are looking to play the LCR game for a lengthy period, you can attempt the LCR last chip wins variant. In this version, the players take turns while following the matching rules as in the initial game. The final player to get rid of their chips into the middle pot wins the game. So, if you have solely 1 chip left and you roll a C, you will triumph the game. 

However, if you have 1 chip and you don’t roll a C, they might get more chips if a player to their left side rolls an R or a player to their right side rills an L in the ensuing round. 

The game can go on for a long period as each player has an opportunity to win until a player has a minimum of 1 chip. 

Dots-to-Win LCR 

To play a tough variant of LCR, you can play the dots-to-win LCR game. The mandates in this game are the same as the initial game until only one player has chips in his possession. The player with chips has to roll a dote on all three dice in the game. If they are not able to roll a dot, the game proceeds till a player with chips rolls 3 dots. 

Select your Stakes 

The last of the LCR game variants is where you can select your won stakes. Each chip is designated with a monetary value and then each player selects the number of chips they wish to begin the game instead of attaining 3 chips directly. The players place an equal sum of cash in the pot, depending on the number of chips. For example, if the players assign Rs. 100 for each chip and you decide to add Rs. 300 to the pot, then you will solely take 3 chips to play. The game moves forward as per the normal rules and the successor with all chips in possession wins the pot cash. 


The LCR dice game is an interesting game that you can play utilizing chips and dice if you find playing poker games somewhat intricate. Learning how to play the Left Center Right game is quite simple for players of all age categories and the variants will keep you entertained for a long time. Attempt this game with a group of friends and merge your strategy and luck to triumph. 

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