The Richest Casino Owners in the World

The Richest Casino Owners in the World

Casino owners make incredible money and this can be said without a second thought. Casinos have been transformed from being mere structures with limited casino tables and slot machines to world-class entertainment realms and resorts providing a one-of-a-kind experience to all its players. Not only are they masters in establishing a gambling empire, but they also have spread their territory in tourism, banking, construction, and other related fields, making their portfolio look classy and rich. This business, like any other, has its pros and cons but if operated in the right way, it can earn you millions and billions. 

The global gambling market, in 2022, was estimated to have reached $449 billion and it is expected that by the year 2027, it will reach $766 billion. Let’s look at some of the richest casino owners in the world contributing to the market’s growth- 

1. Sheldon Adelson – $36.2 Billion Net Worth 

The entrepreneur who set up and expanded over 50 businesses during his remarkable career was Sheldon Adelson. He began his Las Vegas Casino journey by purchasing the Sands Casino. He closed down and demolished it within less than 10 years to establish The Venetian. This hotel-casino went on to become the second-largest in the world. The courageous decision to set up Venetian by destroying his previous Casino made him the richest casino owner in the history of Las Vegas. Adelson has had a roller coaster ride, from beginning to earn at the age of 10 to becoming the richest casino owner before he died in 2021. 

2. Lui Che-Woo – $12.1 Billion Net Worth 

The Chairman and Managing Director of K. Wah International Holdings Limited, Lui Che-Woo played a key role in changing the perspective of gambling and helping it to reach where it is today. Che-Woo has become one of the wealthiest men in Asia and Galaxy Macau Casino, the largest gambling establishment. The Galaxy Macau Casino was never one of the top-ranked gambling destinations in the world but with the Lui Che-Woo’s contribution and dedication, it became one of the best. The Casino has an impressive setup including over 1,500 slot machines, 600 table games, nightclubs, restaurants, pools, and a beach view. 

Lui Che-Woo has a classic rags-to-riches story. From a gravel delivery business to setting up one of the best casinos, he has come a long way to own six incredible casinos in Hong Kong. 

3. Tilman Fertitta – $6 Billion Net Worth 

The head of Golden Nugget Casinos owned by Landry Inc., and the star of Billion Dollar Buyer on CNBC, Tilman Fertitta is another richest casino owners. The re-establishment of Golden Nugget Casino was all because of Fertitta and his constant innovation, dedication, and hard work. Other than the vast range of casino table games and slot machines, it also includes pools, museums, spas, and other entertainment activities. Fertitta wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Key Largo Hotel in Texas was his first business venture. He joined Landry Inc., as a partner and was the manager of their restaurants. He later went on to acquire the business and become the CEO of Landry Inc.

4. Johann Graf – $4.5 Billion Net Worth

The founder of Novomatic, Johann Graf is well-known for identifying the market for online casinos and making it popular by providing the best odds. Novomatic is an international company that deals with the production of slot machines, video slots as well as land-based casino games. Graf was a gamer head since the beginning and also had a keen interest in the entertainment field. His first business venture was a pinball manufacturing company called Brodnik & Graf GmbH. It was soon that he realized he wanted to enter the gambling market. He went on to sell casino machines worldwide to more than 30 countries and acquired 70% of the gambling market

5. John Paulson – $4 Billion Net Worth

John Paulson is the founder of a hedge fund, Paulson & Co., which also includes casino assets. Paulson worked at Bear Stearns as an investment banker before establishing his hedge fund. He is popular for his “big short” which earned him billions of dollars. One of the best Paulson’s Casino businesses was the MGM Mirage. He is very well at identifying profitable opportunities and hence has been making attempts to expand his portfolio into the iGaming sector. Sports betting is one of the prominent betting options where Bet MGM, the sports betting site,  is advancing in order to mark its strong presence in this ever-growing gambling market 

6. Steve Wynn – $3.2 Billion Net Worth 

Steve Wynn’s journey has been quite a ride. He began selling ice creams at the age of 15. The Wynn family purchased a stake in the Frontier Hotel and Casino Las Vegas and this began their journey in the casino industry. Steve, with his exceptional skills, expanded the business rapidly once he took over. He also acquired a majority stake in the Golden Nugget Las Vegas. He went on to open a luxury resort, Mirage, which led to the transformation of Las Vegas into an opulent gambler and tourist destination. Bellagio, yet another luxurious resort was inaugurated by him a few years later. He has had exceptional growth ever since and has expanded his business to different countries. 

7. James Packer – $2.7 Billion Net Worth

The owner of Crown Ltd., James Packer decided to build a global gambling kingdom from the early money he inherited from his father. Crown Ltd is one of the largest entertainment and resort groups in Australia. In addition, he also owns casinos outside of Australia such as the Cannery Casinos in Pennsylvania, Aspinalls in the UK, online casinos like Nevada and Betfair in New Jersey, Crown Casino in Sri Lanka, and also has a stake in Melco-Crown. 

8. Stanley Ho – $2.5 Billion Net Worth 

The owner of SJM Holdings, Stanley Ho, owns 19 casinos in Macau. Other than casinos he is also the owner of several other businesses like tourism, banking, shipping, real estate, and entertainment industries under the Shun Tak Holdings. Quoted to be the “Original Godfather” of the Macau gambling industry, he was the one who popularised gambling as a great source of income which helped the struggling economy of Macau to boost. Stanley passed away in 2020 leaving most of his possessions to his daughter. Pansy Ho, his daughter is now the head of Shun Tak Holdings and also works as a property developer in Hong Kong.  

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