How to Play 29 Card Games, Tips, Tricks, and Rules 

How to Play 29 Card Games, Tips, Tricks, and Rules 


The 29-card game is a trick-taking game that utilizes a conventional 52-card deck, leaving out the cards below 9 in each suit. Players can utilize cards from 5 to 8 to make trump. 

Following is an exclusive guide to assist you in understanding the game. 

How to Play a 29-card Game? 

The 29-card game aims to win tricks(hand), a set of 4 cards, one from every player. The player who plays the greatest value card triumphs the trick and can retain all the cards of it. 

Card Values: 

The cards in each suit are lined up from high to low: Jack, 9, Ace, 10, King, Queen, 8, 7. The sum number of points in the game is 28 with: 

  • 2 points for nines of all suits
  • 3 points for all suits of Jack 
  • 1 point for tens and Aces of all suits 
  • 7s, 8s, Kings, and Queens have no point 


A player creates a partnership with the player sitting across from them. 

Card Distribution: 

Each player is dealt ten cards, and the bidding begins. 

29-card Game Rules: 


  • Players bid for the right to select the trump suit
  • The highest bidder (the one who bids the majority of the points) selects the trump suit.
  • The standard bid is 15. 

Game Play: 

  • The player who won the bid leads the initial trick. 
  • Players have to follow suit if likely, or else, they can play any card. 
  • The highest card is the trump suit or the highest card of the dominating suits succeeds the trick. 


  • The team that wins the bid has to score a minimum of the number of points they bid.
  • If they triumph, they earn the points bid. If they fail, those points are deducted. 
  • Extra points can be scored by winning certain tricks, such as the 29-point trick (9 and Jack of the trump suit). 

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Tricks and Tips: 

Master the Trump Suit: 

Comprehend the hierarchy of suits. Knowing the trump suit is critical, as it decides the most powerful cards in the game. 

Keep in mind the order of trump cards, concentrating on high-value ones. This understanding will assist you in forecasting the possible outcomes of tricks. 

Point Counting Strategy: 

While counting points, emphasize high-value cards such as 10s and Aces. however, be cautious of cards with negative points, as they can swiftly turn a winning hand into a losing hand. 

Take into consideration the possible points in your hand before determining your bid. A strategic bid can decide the tone for the complete game. 

Leading with Low Trumps: 

Dominating with low trumps cards forces competitors to play their higher trumps, leaving you with an advantage in ensuing tricks. Utilize this strategy when you have a comparatively weak hand in regards to high-value cards but a decent number of low trumps. 

Observing Discards: 

Analyzing competitors’ discards assists you make educated guesses about the distribution of cards. If a competitor discards a high-value card, it might specify a firm suit in their hand. Modify your strategy depending on the discards, and utilize the data to your advantage. 

Strategic Trump Management: 

You should save your trump cards for critical moments. If you utilize them prematurely, competitors may play their higher trumps afterward, making it exacting to win crucial tricks later. Consider the context of the game before determining when to play your trumps. 

Tracking Played Cards: 

Keeping a record of the played cards assists you to infer which cards are still in play. This data is valuable for making strategic decisions in following tricks. Create a mental map of the played cards, particularly concentrating on key high-value cards. 

Bid Wisely: 

Avoid overbidding, as it could lead to negative points. Evaluate the strength of your hand, considering the trump suit, possible tricks, and high-value cards. A conservative bid can keep you in a secure point range, while an aggressive bid might boomerang if the cards don’t favor your hand. 

Effective Communication: 

In team play, interacting with your partner is crucial. Share data about the cards in your hand, discuss possible strategies, and coordinate bids to elevate your team’s general performance. 

Variations of 20-card: 

The 29-card game has numerous variations and regional sorts that add special twists to the gameplay. Following are some types of the game: 

Conventional 29-card Game: 

This is the most usual version of the game, normally played in South Asia. It includes a deck of 32 cards (from 7 to Ace in all 4 suits), and players bid for the right to select the trump suit. 

28 Card Game: 

In a few regions, such as Nepal, a variation of the 29-card game is played with a 28-card deck, excluding the 8s.  The rules and gameplay are similar to the conventional version, with modifications for the smaller deck. 

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Double Sar: 

Double Sar is a form of the 29-card game played in Afghanistan. It pursues numerous standard rules but may have regional variations in scoring, trump selection, and bidding. 

29 in India: 

In India, particularly in West Bengal, the 29-card game is played with differences in partnership rules. It’s frequently played with 4 players in fixed partnerships, attaching a layer of strategic collaboration. 

Sri Lanka Variation: 

Sri Lanka has its version of the 29-card game with a slim rule variation. The gameplay is similar, but scoring and a couple of rules might differ. 

Bangladeshi Variation: 

In Bangladesh, the 29-card game is a famous pastime, and while it pursues the fundamental rules, there might be variations in bidding fashions and scoring methods. 

Swiss Variation (Jass): 

Jass is a Swiss card game that shares resemblances with the 29-card game. It’s played with 36 cards and includes bidding for points. While not the same, players who are familiar with the 29-card game might find a few common components. 

German Variation (Triumph): 

Triumph is a German card game that attributes a trump suit. While not a straight variation of the 29-card game, it includes a few similar components, such as trick-taking and trump card selection. 

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A 29-card game needs a merger of strategic bidding, teamwork, and skillful play. Players bid, select trump suits, and aim to win tricks with high-value cards. Whether you are an uninhabited player or aiming for a competitive match, you can play 29-card online to enjoy an effortless yet engaging experience. 


  1. How do I play 29 Marriage? 
    29 Marriage is a trick-taking card game for 4 players in 2 teams. Players bid for the number of tricks they will take, and the game includes point scoring and trump suits. 
  2. What is the 7th card rule in the 29-card game? 
    The 7th card rule in the 29-card game cites that if a player declares the trump suit as the 7th card, they can select any trump suit they wish for, offering a strategic advantage. 
  3. What is the greatest card in the 29-card game? 
    In the 29-card game, the greatest card is the Jack, which holds the greatest point value of 3 points. The ranking, from the greatest to the lowest, is Jack, 9, Ace, 10, and King. 
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