Virat Kohli IPL 2024 Price, Salary, Career, Team, Highest Score, Runs & Centuries

Virat Kohli IPL 2024 Price, Salary, Career, Team, Highest Score, Runs & Centuries

Virat Kohli has been an eminent figure in IPL since its inception in 2008. He has been a player for Royal Challengers Banglore since the start and has been a part of this team for 15 continuous seasons. Kohli played for Bnaglore as a captain from 2013 to 2021 but failed to get the elusive title though the team has been a powerful competitor against other teams in the IPL tournament. The skilled sportsman scored several full as well as half-centuries in IPL presenting his excellent batting skills and cementing his position as one of the top IPL scorers of all time. With a score rate of 7263 runs, he has been the middle figure and strong backbone of the RCB. His commitment to the sport has been evident in his brilliant IPL performances

2024 IPL Virat Kohli’s Price 

The salaries of the IPL players are based on different elements such as their performance in the former IPL matches, their reputation in their domestic and international cricket, and the roles they play in the team. The accessibility of the player in the complete season is also one of the elements that can impact their IPL wages. The IPL auction for each player can be a critical determinant and teams bid for the cricket sportsmen with the greatest bidder setting. The skilled 33-year-old has presented consistent progress in his IPL career with a couple of loopholes in the journey but managed to maintain his worth. The table presenting the information on his salaries from 2023 back to 2008 is below: 

YearPrice Team 
2008Rs. 1,200,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2009Rs. 1,200,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2010Rs. 1,200,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2011Rs. 82,800,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2012Rs. 82,800,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2013Rs. 82,800,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2014Rs. 125,000,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2015Rs. 125,000,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2016Rs. 125,000,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2017Rs. 125,000,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2018Rs. 170,000,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2019 (Retain)Rs. 170,000,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2020 (Retain)Rs. 170,000,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2021Rs. 170,000,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2022Rs. 150,000,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2023 (Retained)Rs. 150,000,000Royal Challengers Bangalore
2024 (Retained)Rs. 150,000,000Royal Challengers Bangalore

The present rate of Virat Kohli is Rs. 15 crore and his highest offer is evaluated at around Rs. 17 crore. It’s still not clear which IPL team will be assigned to him for the ensuing few years in the forthcoming auction. 

Virat Kohli IPL Career Stats 

In the beginning years, Virat Kohli was not known on the international platform and was signed in IPL by RCB in 2008 for a comparatively undisclosed modest sum. At that time the skilled batsman was thought of as a promising young talent and was permitted to present his skills and prove his worth in RCB. Kolhi managed to meet the anticipations of the team and has delivered extraordinary batting performances making him one of the most anticipated names among the most awaited IPL players globally.

IPL Season Runs Matches Average Highest score Strike Rate 4s6s50s100s 
2024316 5105.33113*146.30291221

IPL Debut of Virat Kohli 

Virat Kohli made his debut in the IPL on April 18 back in 2008, representing the RCB against KKR. at just 19 years old, Kohli stepped onto the arena for the first time in the tournament. However, he didn’t manage to score a ton of runs, collecting just 12 runs off 14 balls in his initial inning.  

Virat Kohli’s Highest Score in the IPL 

Virat Kohli’s greatest score in the IPL is 113 runs in only 50 balls, with a strike rate of 226. He attained this feat in 2016 on May 18, while playing for the RCB against the PBK. this inning was critical in securing a triumph for his team and is thought of as one of his finest performances in the IPL

Virat Kohli’s Total Runs in the 2013 IPL 

During the 2013 IPL season, Kolhi hit a sum of 634 runs in 16 matches. His excellent batting was a major part of why his team, the RCB made it to the playoffs. Sadly, they didn’t wind up winning the complete tournament, but Kohli’s performance is still quite impressive. 

Average 45.28
Total Matches 16
Strike Rate 120.44
No. of 50s6
Highest Score 73

Virat Kohli’s Total Runs in the 2014 IPL 

In the 2014 IPL season, Virat Kohli managed to score a sum of 359 runs during 14 matches. Although this was a good performance, it was viewed as a slight drop compared to how well he played in the prior year. 

Average 25.64
Total Matches14
Strike Rate 122.10
No. of 50s2
Highest Score 79

Virat Kohli’s Total Runs in the 2015 IPL 

During the 2015 IPL season, Virat Kohli did some serious batting, scoring a sum of 505 runs. He was quite consistent throughout the tournament and played a major role in assisting his team. Experts and fans couldn’t help but admire his knock for managing tough situations and scoring crucial runs when required. His excellent batting skills made him stick out, proving once again that he’s one of the finest players in the IPL. 

Average 45.90
Total Matches 16
Strike Rate 130.82
No. of 50s3
Highest Score 82*

Virat Kohli’s Sum Runs in the 2016 IPL

During the 2016 IPL season, Virat Kohli performed excellently, scoring a whopping 973 runs in 16 matches. This achievement not only marked his greatest run-scoring season but also got him the eminent Orange Cap, offered to the leading run-scorer in the tournament. His consistency was obvious with an excellent average of 81.08 per match and a thrilling strike rate of 152.03. His splendid performance reaffirmed his status as one of the foremost batsmen in the IPL. 

Total no. of Matches 16
Average 81.08
Strike Rate 152.03
No. of 100s4
No. of 50s 7
Greatest Score 113
Man of the Match awards4
Orange CapAwarded to Virat Kohli 

Virat Kohli’s Total Runs in the 2017 IPL 

During the 2017 IPL season, Kohli didn’t perform as well as he did in the former years when he scored a ton of runs. This time, he managed to score 308 runs in 10 matches, with a strike rate of 122.22 and an average of 30.80 runs. It was quite a drop compared to his brilliant performances in 2016 and 2015 when he scored a ton more runs. 

Average 30.80
Total Matches 10
Strike Rate 122.22
No. of 50s 1
Highest Score 64

Virat Kohli’s Total Runs in the 2018 IPL 

During the 2018 IPL season, Virat Kohli presented his batting prowess by scoring a sum of 530 runs. He played in 14 matches during the tournament. His greatest score in an individual match was an undefeated 92 runs. Kohli’s performance added greatly to his team’s efforts, making him one of the striking players of the season. 

Average 48.18
Total Matches 14
Strike Rate 139.10
No. of 50s4
Highest Score92*

Virat Kohli’s Total Runs in the 2019 IPL

During the 2019 IPL, Virat Kohli scored a sum of 464 runs. He took part in 14 matches during that season. His batting contributions were important for his team during the tournament, presenting his consistency and skill as a leading batsman. 

Average 14
Total Matches 33.14
Strike Rate 141.46
No. of 100s 1
No. of 50s 2
Highest Score 100

Virat Kohli’s Total Runs in the 2020 IPL 

During the 2020 IPL season, Kohli collected a sum of 466 runs while playing in 15 matches. His consistent performance during the season underscored his significance as a chief player for his team. His addition, with the bat, played a critical role in forming the team’s performance during the tournament. 

Average 42.36
Total Matches 14
Strike Rate 121.35
No. of 50s 3
Highest Score 90*

Virat Kohli’s Total Runs in the 2021 IPL 

V. Kohli scored a sum of 405 runs during the 2021 IPL season while taking part in 15 matches. 

Average 28.92
Total Matches 15
Strike Rate 119.46
No. of 50s 2
Highest Score 72

Virat Kohli’s Total Runs in the 2022 IPL 

During the 2022 IPL season, Virat Kohli scored a sum of 341 runs with an average of 22.73 runs per match across 16 matches. 

Average 22.73
Total Matches 16
Strike Rate 115.99
No. of 50s 2
Highest Score 73

Virat Kohli’s Total Runs in the 2023 IPL 

In the 2023 IPL season, Kohli presented his amazing batting skills by scoring 639 runs. During the season, he hit 2 centuries and made 6 half centuries. This not only made him one of the leading run-scorers in the tournament but also proved how excellent he is at batting, continuously. 

Total Runs 639
Total Matches 14
Average 53.25
Strike Rate 139.82
No. of 100s 2
No. of 50s 6
Highest Score 101*

IPL Centuries of Virat Kohli 

V. Kolhi leads the way in IPL history with an excellent record of 7 centuries, the highest by any player. Especially notable is his extraordinary feat of scoring 4 centuries in an individual IPL season, which he attained in 2016. This sensational feat is unparalleled by any other player in IPL history. His fabulous batting ability in the IPL has cemented him as one of the finest batsmen of the tournament. 

Date Venue Opponent Runs Result 
24 April 2016Rajkot GL100*Lost 
7 May 2016Bengaluru RPS 108*Won 
14 May 2016Bengaluru GL109Won 
18 May 2016 Bengaluru KXIP113Won 
19 April 2019 Kolkata KKR100Won 
18 May 2023Hyderabad SRH100Won 
21 May 2023Bengaluru GT101*Lost 

Updated RCB Team for IPL 2024 

Wicketkeepers – Dinesh Karthik and Anuj Rawat

Batters – Suyash Prabhudessai, Virat Kohli, Rajat Patidar, Faf du Plessis (SA), and Saurav Chauhan

All-rounders –  Cameron Green (AUS), Manoj Bhandage, Mahipal Lomror, Tom Curran (ENG), Swapnil Singh, Will Jacks (ENG), and Glenn Maxwell (AUS)

Bowlers – Yash Dayal, Vijaykumar Vyshak, Mohammed Siraj, Karn Sharma, Himanshu Sharma, Alzarri Joseph (WI), Akash Deep, Rajan Kumar, Lockie Ferguson (NZ), Reece Topley (ENG),  Mayank Dagar. 

Being one of the finest cricket players in the IPL, Virat Kohli managed to fetch an astounding rate at the auction. His price tag reflects his leadership, skills, and significant fan following. The 2024 IPL auction witnessed strong bidding for this skilled prodigy, with franchises competing to secure his services. 

Final 10 IPL Innings 

Match Opponent Balls Runs Strike Rate 
1Rajasthan 72113156.94
2Lucknow 162237.50
3Kolkata 5983140.68
4Punjab 4977157.14
5Chennai 2021105.00
6Gujarat 61101165.57
7Hyderabad 63100158.73
8Rajasthan 191894.74
9Mumbai 4125.00
10Delhi 465511.57
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