5 of The Worst Captains Ever in The IPL History

5 of The Worst Captains Ever in The IPL History

In T20 cricket, captaincy is extremely critical. A firm bowling alteration, a slight field switch, or the man manager’s skills can all greatly alter the format. This responsibility becomes even more important in an elevated-stress competition such as the IPL, where teams play continuous cricket for close to 2 months. 

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While several successful captains have been in this premier league over the years, a few have also failed badly. Multiple players who have guided their seperate international teams to the greatest triumph are included in the list of the worst IPL leaders. 

Solley captains who had played in a minimum of 25 games were taken into account for this list. Depending on their win rate, the worst captains were selected. 

  1. Kumar Sangakkara 

One of the most inspiring Sri Lankan captains ever was Kumar Sangakkara. He is an excellent tactician who led his team to the World Cup finals in 2011. 

Since 2009, the batsman wicketkeeper has been the team’s captain for about 2 years. Across all platforms, Sangakkara has had a decent track record. 12 out of 21 T20Is, 5 out of 15 Tests, and 27 out of 45 ODIs were victories for him. 

However, he has been one of the worst captains in IPL ever and has had a terrible season. The Sri Lankan joined the Kings XI Punjab initially. Later on, he switched bases to the Deccan Chargers and took the ropes of the newly formed Sunrisers Hyderabad team in Hyderabad. But, his track record is in no way promising. 

In 47 games, he was just able to win 15 matches but lose 30 matches. His 31.91% win percentage is the lowest among captains who played in a minimum of 25 games as the team’s captain. 

Teams – Kings XI Punjab, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Deccan Chargers,

Matches – 47 

Won – 15 

Tied – 2 

Lost – 30 

Win% – 31.91% 

  1. Mahela Jayawardene

Another captain with a steadfast track record as an international captain is Jayawardene. He has attained several awards for doing this work to the highest standard. In 2006, he attained the ICC Captain of the Year award, and in 2013 he attained the ICC Spirit of Cricket Award. He captained Sri Lanka in 38 Test matches, drawing 8 and winning 18. 

Mahela Jayawardene also has a lot of experience playing cricket in a restricted format. He led his team to 68 triumphs in 126 ODIs. he was also the foremost to captain the island nation in T20Is. 

His time as a caption in the Premier League, though, hasn’t been victorious. Just 10 out of the 30 games the eminent batter managed to lead 3 teams in were successful, which is extremely disheartening. 

Teams – Kochi Tuskers Kerala, Delhi Daredevils (now, Delhi Capitals), and Kings XI Punjab

Matches – 30

Won – 10

Tied – 1

Lost – 19

Win% – 33.33%

  1. Sourav Ganguly 

Several of you might be surprised to see Sourav Ganguly, a former eminent Indian captain on this list. He is acknowledged as one of the finest Indian team captains in history. 

He gave the team a more hostile flavor and showed them how to conquer blocks and win tough games. Under his captaincy, the team won 21 Tests, 11 of which were international matches. 

Furthermore, he oversaw the ODI team for 6 years following the match-fixing scandal. He was extremely inspiring and triumphed in 76 of his 146 games. However, the Bengal cricketer had to learn the tough way that T20 cricket is an extremely distinctive game. He struggled in the IPL and never took part in a T20I match. 

The Prince of Kolkata first operated for the KKR team before moving forward to PWI. But he struggled to handle both of these teams. He had already retired from playing cricket internationally by the time he started the IPL since he was beyond his prime. 

Teams – Pune Warriors India and Kolkata Knight Riders

Matches – 42 

Won – 17

Tied – 0

Lost – 25

Win% – 40.48%

  1. George Bailey 

Another brilliant international captain who failed in the IPL is George Bailey. He took part in 124 foreign contests as Australia’s representative. 

Solely the second Australian has even captained an international match without having ever participated at the highest level, and he is that second. In 28 T20Is and 29 ODIs, the Tasmanian captained the Australian team. In both formats, he won 14 and 16 games respectively. 

In 2014, the Kings XI Punjab team made him the captain because of his successful past. But under Bailey’s captaincy, the team had a couple of the most disheartening defeats as he was not able to repay the faith. Despite coaching the team for 36 games, Bailey was just able to win 16. The team concluded in the final place in 2015 after winding up as runners-up in 2014. 

Teams – Kings XI Punjab

Matches – 36

Won – 16

Tied – 1

Lost – 19

Win% – 44.44%

  1. Rahul Dravid 

One of the finest cricketers to ever play for India was Rahul Dravid. He always places the requirements of the team before his own, and he followed the directives. He never shied away from the liabilities, whether it was batting at different places or keeping the wickets. He whole-heatedly took on the responsibilities of leading the side as well. 

Dravid led the team in a total of 25 tests, losing 6 and winning 8. His ODI cricket record is extremely strong. He led the club in 79 games and managed 42 victories. 

However, Dravid underperformed in the T20 format, when he isn’t the perfect seelcton. He didn’t score much runs, and they didn’t occur swiftly. Although he didn’t have teh best record as a captain, he was a motivation to the youthful teams he played on. Even though his record isn’t the finest, he had a major part in creating some of the leading cricket players who are currently playing. 

Teams – Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Banglore 

Matches – 48 

Won – 22 

Tied – 0 

Lost – 26 

Win% – 45.83% 

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