Ultimate Guide to Playing Online Craps for Real Cash

Ultimate Guide to Playing Online Craps for Real Cash

If you take a glance at the craps table design, you could be forgiven for imagining that it’s one of the most difficult casino games online because of its intricate mandates. However, if you get to know your way around the table, you’ll discover that craps is quite an easy game. But how do you learn to play craps online so that the game doesn’t look so scary? This article will offer you all the details you need to comprehend the history of this game and learn how to play craps at an online casino for actual cash. 

Short History of Craps 

The beginning of this popular dice game is said to go as far back as the 12th century when English soldiers were battling in the Crusades. These men used to play an extremely famous dice game, Hazard, which was far more intricate than today’s game. When Hazard finally reached France, the locals started to play and enjoy it, as well. 

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Following that, French sailors took the game across the sea to New Orleans, and that’s how it was introduced to North America. It achieved further fame by traveling upcountry through the bustling Mississippi River trade route. The sailors called the game crabs – which ultimately led to the present name of the game today. 

However, another source claims that the son of a rich colonial family in Louisiana brought the game from London to New Orleans. It’s noted that Buernannd Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville simplified the primary numbers to solely 7, as compared to the former game, where you could select any number from 5 to 9. 

Based on this source, the term crabs referred to the name the English gave to the numerals 2 and 3. Others still believe the term craps comes from the French term crapaud or toad, as the individuals who played it in the streets used to squat down and look like toads! 

Irrespective of the accurate origin of the name, there’s no hiding the fact that this game became exceedingly famous in the U.S. during WWII when American men from all across the nation joined the military. This led to its rapid elevation in fame in post-war Las Vegas and the Caribbean. 

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Over time, the game has been altered and become much simpler to play – and it’s gone digital. Today, players internationally can enjoy this casino dice game online, along with its endless variations. 

How to Play Online Craps 

One of the multiple reasons people play craps at a casino is that it has numerous bets, one of which has the lowest house edge in multiple casino games. This signifies that, over time, there is an elevated chance of playing a succeeding bet than in other games. 

However, endless new players frequently find the game scary because of the table layout. But is lice dealer and online craps a tough game? Once you know what’s happening and get the hang of it, the action should go smoothly. This is particularly correct since craps is a game of chance, which means that it doesn’t need any complex strategies and skills to play. All you are required to do is get yourself familiar with the table layout and the sorts of bets you can place, which are normally similar in both land-based as well as online casino games. The sole difference is that online gaming utilizes an RNG to make certain that the gaming is just and that there’s no predecided result. 

The Fundamental Craps Rules 

Although the table layout has more detail as compared to other casino table games, this makes it look more intricate than other games of possibilities. First off, the table design is mirrored: both the right and left sides of the table are the same. Once this is clear, playing the game becomes much less tough, and only gets simpler as you settle in. 

These are the fundamental rules for the game: 

  1. The game is played with 2 dice. 
  2. Rounds of play are held with rolls of the dice
  3. Players at the table work in sequence going anti-clockwise to roll the dice. 
  4. A shooter is the player who rolls the dice.
  5. Everyone at the table can bet on the result of that individual dice roll. 
  6. The result of the dice roll is what you achieve when you add up the facing-up pip values of both dice. 

How to Play 

Those are the fundamentals of playing craps covered, but now it’s time to discover craps and how to play in more detail by revealing a couple of the game’s primary attributes. 

Dice Rolls 

Take a glance at the different dice rolls in craps below. 

Come Out Roll 

Every beginning round in the game starts with a Come Out Roll, where players who want to place a bet have to wager a Don’t Pass Line or a Pass Line bet. These are the sole alternatives accessible at this stage. Here, the shooter will focus on rolling either an 11 or a 7 and if they manage it, all players who wagered on the Pass Line will triumph in their bet. If the result is a 12, 3, or a 2, the Don’t Pass wagers will triumph. 

If none of the above-mentioned numericals are rolled, the game proceeds to the ensuing phase, which includes establishing the Point. Once a shooter rolls a 7, that round is over, and the ensuing shooter takes their turn. 

Point Roll 

The point can be a 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, or 4. In this roll (where once again, those at the table place their bets before it takes place), the shooter will be required to establish the Point number before rolling a 7. The wagers on the Pass Line result in a triumph if they manage to do this. However, if a 7 is rolled before the Point is decided, then the Don’t Pass Line wagers succeed. 

Sorts of Bets 

The Point and Come Out rolls are the most critical attributes of the game. However, numerous sorts of bets can be made. 


A bet that is made on the Pass Line on the Come Out roll. This is the most famous of all bets as it has the most diminished house edge and pays even cash. If an 11 or a 7 is rolled, it results in a triumph, but you’ll lose your Pass bet if the Come Out is 12, 3, or 2. 


This wager functions the same way as the Pass Line bet in that it results in a triumph if an 11 or a 7 is rolled in the Come Out and a loss if a 12, 3, or 2 is the result. The sole difference is that the Come bet is solely made after the Point number has been determined. 

Don’t Pass 

The Don’t Pass is the contrasting of the Pass bet and is made on the Come Out roll. This bet succeeds if a 12, 3, or 2 (in a couple of games) is rolled by the shooter and loses if the result is an 11 or a 7. Here, the Point is determined if any other number other than the ones noted is rolled, and before that, the shooter will proceed to roll with the anticipation of getting a 7. 

Don’t Come 

This bet functions contrary to the Come bet, except that it can be made at any point in time after the Point has been determined. Here, if the numbers 3 or 2 are rolled, it results in a win, while 12 results in a tie. A 7 is required to have been rolled before the Point is determined, and the Point becomes any other number that is rolled. 

Place 8 and Place 6

This bet includes just placing a wager on the number 8 or 6 being rolled before a 7 comes up. Players can discover these sorts of bets on either end of the table. 


This bet is normally made in the middle of the table. Hardways include 4 numbers: 10, 8, 6 and 4. Bettors have to roll an exact pair to roll a hard way. Other mergers that add up to one of these values – such as a 4 and 2 for a 6 – are thought of as soft. An easy or a soft number consequences in a loss. 

Odds of Succeeds at Craps 

Determining the house advantage in the game is not easy, as it includes numerous bets, each with its own anticipated returns. More so, the house edge also differs per casino, both in land-based establishments and online. For example, bets at a couple of casinos can have a house advantage of close to 14%. 

Other bets on the table, such as Big 8 and Big 6 wagers – which pay even cash and are situated in the corners – and hard ways bets are between those with the worst odds. They have a house edge of 9.1%. By contrast, the Field bet has 5.56% heading to the house. Such bets can do a ton of damage to your finances if you play recklessly, which is why it’s recommended not to play them unless you can afford to lose. 

A decent player will make bets that have the most diminished house edge. The finest bets you can make in the game are the Don’t Come bets/Don’t Pass – with a low house edge of 1.36% – and the Come/Pass bets, with a house advantage of 1.41%. 

Distinctive Craps Variants 

There are tons of variations of this game that players can attempt in casinos, both offline and online, with bank craps being the most famous one. 

Each variant follows its own set of rules, casino odds, and betting alternatives, while also offering excellent entertainment for those playing. Here’s a swift look at a couple of the variations. 

Bank Craps 

On a list of casino games, this is the most famous variation of craps, and it’s accessible to players at land-based as well as online casinos. The game is played utilizing a special table with a distinctive layout. Players in this variation place their stakes on an accurate section of the table – virtual or real – before the dice are tossed. 


As you might assume from its name, this is an easy variant of the game. Here, the shooter solely rolls the dice one time. If the result is a 12, 11, 10, 4, 3, or 2, then it results in a win, whereas if a 9, 8, 7, 6, or 5 is rolled out, then it results in a loss. This variant has a good house advantage of 2.8%, way better than numerous other games at a couple of casinos. 


Also called ruse, bastard, or never ever, this is another thrilling and famous craps variant that’s accessible to play at online casinos. The game was created years ago in an attempt to develop a variation where players won’t lose if a 12, 3, or 2 is rolled out on the Pass Line bet. This variation is extremely famous in a few regions. 

Low Limit 

Not everyone who gambles wishes to wager elevated stakes, at least not at all times, and low-limit games are ideal for these sorts of players. They permit you to enjoy the game with the lowest likely pay-ins, so you don’t have to be concerned about risking your finances in a single game. 

Numerous sites will also provide free-to-play low-limit games, which means that you can play without paying a single paisa until you’re ready to play for cash. This is an excellent method to know the ins and outs of playing online craps for actual cash without having to part with your money. 

High Limit 

The high limit is perfect for both high-rollers as well as standard players. These are tables with greater limits on how much you’re permitted to bet on each dice roll. Normally, the minimum bet on this variation will begin at Rs. 100, with an upper limit that at times goes over Rs. 1,00,000. So, the low-stakes bettors can still play low stakes, while the high-rollers can stake greater. 

New York Craps 

As the name indicates, this variation comes from the Big Apple. Played on a distinctive craps table renowned as a double-end dealer, this thrilling game features Don’t Come, Come and Place Bets. what makes this game separate is that the bettors will wager on what are known as box numbers – 4 through 7, 9, 10. While it pays accurate odds to players, the casino attains a 5% commission for all profits. 

Die Rich 

This doesn’t indicate any get-rich-or-die-trying mentality.  Instead, this variation solely features just one die. This is a much simpler game for new players who are still learning how to play, as it’s easy to grasp. The number 6 signifies a win, while the number 1 is a swift loss. The other numbers in this variation are utilized to establish the Point. Normally, the shooter will have 3 rolls before a 1 is rolled. If not, the die will get passed to the ensuing player, and another round starts. 

High Point 

This is another easy version of the game. Here, when the shooter happens to roll a 3 or 2 on their initial roll, the dice are returned and thrown once again. However, if a 12 or 11 is rolled, then it’s a direct win. The other numbers fix the Point, and the shooter has to roll a result greater than the fixed Point to succeed. The house advantage on a High Point game is 2.35%, which is greater than the conventional game. 


This variation doesn’t feature any Don’t Come and Come bets. Also, the house attains no commission on the right bets. Invented by gambling professional John Scarne, this is the least famous variation. It’s delightful to play and is extremely rewarding, but it’s only accessible at a few casinos. 

Finest Trips and Strategies to Win 

Similar to any other dice game, such as Lightning Dice or Sic Bo, there’s no wrong or right way to play craps. You don’t need to create any unique strategies to play these sorts of casino games, as they’re completely based on luck and the relative probabilities of particular mergers popping up on the dice. Once you place your wager in the game, the roll decides everything, and it’s over immediately. The result of the dice roll can’t be affected in any way. 

That said, the following are a couple of helpful tips and fundamental strategies to assist in improving your experience of the game. 

Set a Budget 

Similar to the live dealer and online poker casino games where the thrill is high, it’s crucial to determine a gaming budget before you play and not go over it. This will assist keep your funds in check and make certain that you don’t spend all your cash on gambling. 

Check the Maximum and Minimum Bet Limits 

These limits can impact the longevity of your craps strategy. Thus, it’s crucial to check your bankroll against these limits and be ready to walk away if it doesn’t match your gameplay. 

Play Sober and Be in a Pleasant Mood 

Playing online casino games, such as online slots or gambling at a brick-and-mortar casino while you’ve had one too many drinks is not a decent idea – ever. You’re far less likely to make decent decisions, and you could end up spending more than your budget. The same goes for gambling when you’re in a bad mood or had a bad day. You’re more likely to play out of frustration, which could make your situation even worse. Our suggestion is to walk away and do anything else because you can always come back on another day when you have a brighter disposition. 

Select an Easy Variation 

Playing a game you don’t comprehend is not very delightful. So, it’s better to select a variation that you find simple to learn, then further your investigation and try it out on a demo format before you begin playing for real. 

Attempt Various Bets 

Craps provide gamblers with endless distinctive betting opportunities. While some have a good house edge, some have the worst odds. However, this shouldn’t stop you from learning about craps’s betting rules and attempting all of the various kinds of distinctive bets you can make in this game. After all, the bets with the worst odds pay out the most if you’re lucky enough to land the correct result. 

Determine a Win Limit 

Knowing when to crash out is as critical as determining your gaming budget. This will forbid you from attempting to keep a winning streak till your luck runs out. 

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