Most Catches in T20 World Cup

Most Catches in T20 World Cup

AB de Villiers of the South African team holds the record for the most catches in the T20 WC history by a fielder. De Villiers in 30 matches has taken 23 catches, with a best of three catches against India in the 2009 T20 WC. 

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IN T20 cricket, every wicket taken or run saved can make a substantial difference. Fielders who are decent at catching can stop critical runs and break partnerships, frequently swinging the match in the team’s favor. Decent catching is crucial for a team’s triumph in the T20 WC

Most Catches by a Filed in the T20 WC (2007 – 2024) 

Let’s take a look at the leading 15 list of most catches by a fielder in the T20 WC history from 2007 to 2024. 

Team Player Matches Catches Best 
SAAB de Villiers30233 catches 
AUSDavid Warner 34213 catches 
NZMartin Guptill28193 catches 
AUSGlenn Maxwell 24162 catches 
INDRohit Sharma39163 catches 
NZKane Williamson25153 catches 
WIDwayne Bravo34153 catches 
AUSSteve Smith 19142 catches 
NZRoss Taylor 28142 catches 
NZNathan McCullum22133 catches 
WIDarren Sammy 25134 catches 
SLMahela Jayawardene31132 catches 
WIChris Gayle 33131 catch 
SCOCallum MacLeod13123 catches 
SLDasun Shanaka19122 catches 

South Africa’s AB de Villiers – 23 catches 

AB de Villiers of South Africa holds the record for the most catches in T20 WC history, with a magnificent 23 catches in 30 matches between the years 2007 and 2016. His anticipation, athleticism, and swift reflexes made him an outstanding fielder. Villier’s finest performance was 3 catches against India during the 2009 T20 WC. 

Australia’s David Warner – 21 catches 

This Australian opener is renowned for his aggressive batting style, but his fielding skills are identically brilliant. In 34 innings across T20 WCs, he has taken 21 catches. He is likely to shatter de Villiers’ record in the forthcoming edition. Warner’s finest performance is 3 cates against Pakistan during the 2010 T20 WC. 

New Zealand’s Martin Guptill – 19 catches 

Prior New Zealand opener Martin Guptill is a dependable fielder. In 28 matches he has 19 catches and has consistently presented his fielding skills on the largest stage. He has taken several magnificent catches in the outfield, especially near the boundary. Guptill’s finest performance was 3 catches against Pakistan during the 2016 T20 WC. 

Australia’s Glen Maxwell – 16 catches 

This Australian all-rounder excels in all regards of the game. Glen “Big Show” Maxwell’s fielding capabilities have assisted him take 16 catches in 24 matches at the T20 WC. His finest performances are 2 matches against India in 2012, Bangladesh in 2014, West Indies in 2014, and New Zealand in 2016. 

India’s Rohit Sharma – 16 catches 

The Indian team’s captain Rohit Sharma is not just a brilliant batter but also a reliable fielder. With 16 catches in 35 innings, Sharma has proven his fielding skills excellence. He frequently positions himself in the slips to take critical catches. Sharma’s finest performance was 3 catches against Namibia during the 2021 T20 WC. 


  1. Who has taken the majority of catches in the T20 WC? 
  • AB de Villiers, with a whopping 23 catches, sits at the top of the list for the majority of catches by a fielder in the ICC Men’s T20 WC. Following de Villiers is David Warner with 21 catches. 
  1. Who has the majority of catches in T20 cricket? 
  • Kieron Pollard in 660 T20 matches has taken a record 362 catches. In international cricket, David Miller in 116 games has taken 77 catches which pushes him to the top. 
  1. Who has taken the majority of catches for India in T20? 
  • Rohit Sharma has taken the majority of catches (16) in T20 WCs for India. In 151 T20 international matches Sharma has 60 catches. 
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