What is Monopoly Live?

What is Monopoly Live?

Both lovers of the board game and those still new to it can indulge in this csh-wheel style game, with Evolution pulling out all of the stops to offer a game that values the title it’s based on and manages to put a completely new outlook on it. In this review of Monopoly Live, we’re going to take a look at how the game functions, its features, strategies, its similarities with the legendary board game, and much more. 

What is Monopoly Live? 

Monopoly Live is a live dealer Game Show that includes a live host who spins a large Monopoly cash wheel. There are 3 distinctive bonus rounds – 4 rolls, 2 rolls, and chance. The chance bonus provides the opportunity to win a multiplier bonus and the rolls bonus takes the player to a virtual Monopoly table where you can win big money. 

Monopoly Live Review 

Possibly the most famous board game of all time, Monopoly has attained the imagination of families internationally for decades. The traditional property speculating and development game has been a usual backdrop to a significant number of online slots over the years, so much so that it stands at nearly a subgenre of slots in its own right. The newest offering comes from the Evolution Gaming team – Monopoly Live. it’s not quite a slots game – although there are several Mononoply Casino Slots, it’s similar to their largely famous Crazy Time casino game and Dream Catcher live game. If you’ve played it before, you know what to expect – a live casino game but with a couple of important twists fans of the board game original with Mr Monopoly will appreciate. 

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As with all titles of Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live casino games is a live streaming game with an entertaining bonus game and it’s led by an actual human dealer, in real-time, who converses with players by high definition web link. You can log on and begin playing at any time, getting access to the distinctive Monopoly-themed wheel. 

Initially unveiled during the 2019 ICE convention, the game has elevated the bar in regards to expectations of live gaming and is well worth a spin to see how great live gaming can become. 

The notion of Monopoly Live is simple – players bet on the spin of a wheel, depending on various numerical results. In a couple of ways, it shares attributes with games such as roulette. But it also merges attributes of 3D augmented reality that are at the advancement of technology such as Mr. Monopoly. There are also a couple of extra bonuses that go beyond the conventional game, and there’s so much going on with every Monopoly Live spin, that it’s certain not to get stale. 

Look out for dice rolls which can present other opportunities to win, and also re-rolls when you land doubles – just as with actual versions of the game. You’ll also come across several multipliers along the way, as well as benefitting every time Mr. Monopoly makes a move from the side of the wheel. 

Where Can Monopoly Live be Played? 

  1. Winbaji 
  2. Magic Red
  3. Jeetwin
  4. 88cric 
  5. Dream Vegas 
  6. Nagad88 
  7. MrQ
  8. Kheloo 
  9. Betway 
  10. Babu88

Extra Features 

The primary game action occurs on the cash wheel, where you’re tasked with betting on the result of the ensuing spin. But besides the numbers on the wheel, you’ll also discover numerous other wheel positions that can offer some good wins as you play. 

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Firstly, you can get a Chance card position, matching to the role of Chance cards in the board game. These deliver an aimless money prize or multiplier bonus, based on your fortune, and when you get this chance card segment, Mr. Monopoly will emerge on the screen to present your chance card. It’s the interface between AR and reality that makes the game of Monopoly Live such a thrilling one to take for a spin. The virtual Mr. Monopoly makes the game come alive and extra thrill with the opportunity of winning a random money prize. 

Besides the standard numbers, there’s also the opportunity to land 4 Rolls or 2 Rolls. If the wheel falls on either of these positions, it begins the primary bonus game where you can begin to win some of the larger prizes Monopoly Live casino game has to offer. The 4 rolls of the dice bonus is the leading bonus where you have a greater opportunity of winning larger prizes. 

Bonus Feature of Monopoly Live 

When the bonus game is activated, you’ll join Mr. Monopoly in a 3D AR world. This takes you to a 3D Monopoly board, where you can begin to advance through something more closely mirroring the board game. There are a couple of dice you can roll here to decide your action around the board, with components such as passing Go, House, hotels, and jail all beginning to play their roles. 

Solely eligible players can battle in the bonus game, but if you’re not eligible by the time it comes about, you can still watch the action take place. This is where you can begin to stake up some of the larger wins from the bonus game. 

How to Play Monopoly Live the Steps 

  1. Choose the Game – The initial thing you will be required to do is find the Monopoly Live casino game at your selected casino. All the operators we have listed have live casino divisions where you’ll be able to play Monopoly Live and also a library of other live casino games. 
  2. Place your Bets – Once you have loaded up the game, you’ll be able to place your bets. You may not be able to do this swiftly, as there might be another game occurring. In this instance, you’ll need to wait until the dealer urges you to place your bets for the ensuing round. 
  3. Spin the Wheel – When the timer has run down, and bets have been placed, the live dealer will spin the reel to begin the party. 
  4. Wins are Computed and Paid Out – When the reel pauses, any wins from the spin will be paid out quickly. If a bonus round is activated, then that will be played out ahead of the ensuing round. If you are not part of the bonus round, you can still view the action taking place. 

Monopoly Live Strategy 

Monopoly Live is a game of opportunity, which means that there is nothing a player can do to impact the outcome. However, there are a couple of things we suggest doing ahead of taking a chance on the game. 

Read the Terms & Conditions and Paytable 

Ensure that you comprehend how the game functions before you play. While the notion of the game is quite straightforward, you will want to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the features, the rules, and the payouts before you begin playing. 

Handling Your Gambling Budget 

One critical thing while playing Monopoly Live or any other live casino game is the intelligent management of your budget. Players must ensure that they are not spending more than they can afford to lose and that they are handling their bankroll. 

A couple of casinos offer free bets with no deposits to their new clients, so you can check their games before being committed financially. 

Learn to Play Responsibly 

As always, players must practice responsible gambling while playing Monopoly Live. You can track your losses and wins as you play, and if you feel as though the game is becoming too much, then you should consider taking a break. We also suggest setting deposit limits with your selected casino. This can be a brilliant way of restricting your spending and stopping you from losing more than you can afford. 

What are the Primary Monopoly Live Features? 


There are no symbols in the game of Monopoly Live. Instead, players will bet on which numerical they think the wheel will fall on. The numericals on the wheel are 1, 2, 5, and 10. There are also 2 bonus symbols on the reel – the dice symbol will activate the bonus round, and the Chance segments which reward money prizes. 

3D Bonus Round 

One of the finest methods to get major wins in Monopoly Live is via the 3D Monopoly bonus. You can activate this by landing on one of the 4 dice segments. Players will then either get 2 or 4 rolls. Mr Monopoly will emerge in glorious 3D and be placed on a virtual Monopoly board. The host then rolls the dice the number of times you landed on, and Mr Monopoly makes his path around the board, collecting multipliers and bonuses as he moves. If you get a double number on one of the rolls, you are offered extra spins. Naturally, similar to the actual Monopoly game, there are also spaces you don’t wish to land on, including a tax alternative and a go-to-jail space that concludes the round. 

Bet Sizes 

You can modify your bets between turns utilizing the control panel that is presented at the bottom of the screen. The betting alternatives in the game are quite large, with players able to bet between 10 BDT and 1,48,000 BDT with a few casinos online. 

Monopoly Wheel 

The majority of the action in Monopoly occurs on the Monopoly Wheel. This is a cash wheel-style attribute that has 55 segments on it. The game aims to forecast which segment the wheel is going to fall on. 

Chance Segments 

There are 2 Chance segments on the Monopoly Wheel. If you fall on 1 of these, you will be rewarded with an aimless money prize or multiplier. 

RTP of Monopoly Live

The theoretical RTP for Monopoly Live is a whopping 96.23%. This is considered an evenly strong RTP, with the market average for slot games, for instance, being about 96%. An elevated RTP is not a warranty you will succeed. 

Odds & Payouts of Monopoly Live

1 Segment – 23 segments – 1/1 payout

2 segment – 15 segments – 2/1 payout

5 segment – 7 segments – 5/1 payout

10 segment – 4 segments – 10/1 payout

Chance – 2 segments – aimless cash multiplier

2 Rolls – 3 segments – initiates bonus round and 2 rolls of the dice

4 Rolls – 1 segment – initiates bonus round and 4 rolls of the dice

Minimum & Maximum Bets in Monopoly Live

The maximum and minimum bets in Monopoly Live might differ from one casino to the other. Normally, the variation sits between 10 BDT and 15000 BDT. A few casinos may have greater maximum bets, though, with a few having 1,48,000 BDT. 

Duration of a Round in Monopoly Live 

A round of Monopoly Live is quite swift. The game is quick-paced. Players are offered 15 seconds between rounds to settle their bets. If you miss out on a bet, you can view the ensuing round play out and place your bets when it concludes. The rounds themselves don’t last long, with the wheel being spun and the profits being paid. Naturally, a round can take longer if the bonus round is initiated. 

Play Monopoly Live at WinBaji

Monopoly Live casino Game has all the indicators of a recent classic. Once you’ve played through a couple of spins and bonus rounds, you’ll recognize the importance this game offers. Evolution Gaming has said this is the future of live gaming, and it’s tough to argue with that – with excellent prizes, brilliant bonus action, and all your preferred Monopoly attributes, it’s well worth giving this game a spin. 

FAQs of Monopoly Live 

  1. Can I play Monopoly Live at WinBaji? 
  • Indeed. You can play Monopoly Live at WinBaji. Just create an actual cash account and you can begin playing in a couple of minutes. 
  1. Why should I play Monopoly Live at WinBaji? 
  • We have a large selection of deposit systems, we have friendly client services as well as quick withdrawals. We also have several Evolution Gaming Live casino games for you to opt from. 
  1. What are the bonus rounds in Monopoly Live? 
  • There are 3 bonuses – 4 Rolls, Chance, and 2 Rolls. The Chance bonus can offer money prizes or multipliers and when the 4 rolls/2 rolls bonuses land, you are taken to a virtual Monopoly board with the likeness of winning a large multiplier. 
  1. Is playing online Monopoly Live secure? 
  • Indeed. Evolution Gaming is one of the most prominent software developers in the market and is viewed as the market standard for live casino products. The developer functions with fully licensed operators in Bangladesh and elsewhere. All of the casinos we have suggested above are fully regulated and licensed by reliable gambling commissions. 
  1. Can I use my phone to play the game of Monopoly Live? 
  • Absolutely! All of Evolution’s games are created with mobile players in mind. Monopoly Live can be streamed right to your cell phone. We suggest making certain that you have a stable internet connection before you begin playing, though, as the last thing you wish is for the feed to drop out. 
  1. What are the finest colors in the Monopoly Live game? 
  • Monopoly Live’s wins come from falling on the numericals you have bet on. The largest paying number is 10, and there are 4 of these on the grid. 10 is represented by a blue segment with the number mentioned on it. 

You’ll also wish to land on either the bright yellow or black segments, as these will reward the Chance bonus or the rolls of the dice, separately. There are 4 dice segments, 3 for 2 rolls, 1 for 4, and 2 Chance segments. 

  1. How is Monopoly Live separate from standard Monopoly? 
  • Live Monopoly is quite separate from the classic Monopoly game. The primary action in Monopoly Live occurs on a cash wheel, with players betting on the result of each spin. Where the games are alike is in the 3D Monopoly Bonus. For this, the player views Mr Monopoly move around a large virtual board where he accumulates prizes, avoids jail, and makes funds for you. 
  1. Is Live Monopoly rigged? 
  • No. Live Monopoly is a game of opportunity, and neither the player nor the operator has any impact on the result. The game, besides all of Evolution’s other software, is completely tested for impartiality. It’s licensed by prominent gaming commissions and audited by other 3-party testers. 
  1. Why play Monopoly Live? 
  • Evolution Gaming has one of the world’s most magnificent live casino software portfolios, and Monopoly Live is an excellent example of what the firm can offer. The game takes the cash wheel notion seen in famous titles such as Dream Catcher and merges it with components of the classic Hasbro Monopoly board game artfully. If you wish for a special live casino experience, Monopoly Live is the game you should check out.
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