WinBaji Aviator Strategy: How to Win the Aviator Game

WinBaji Aviator Strategy: How to Win the Aviator Game

Aviator is a multiplayer mini-game introduced by Spribe, a Georgian innovative gambling content supplier, in 2019 January. The game appeared in 2 versions, demo, and paid mode, and swiftly attained immense fame among online casino visitors, including Bengalis, because of its dynamic gameplay and simplicity. In addition, the mentioned RTP of this game is above average at 97%, and the game’s justness is because of the RNG. 

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Additionally, this article will discuss how the game of Aviator is to be played, the strategy, the most common questions regarding the Aviator slot games, and more. 

What is the Aviator Game? 

The Aviator game’s mechanic attributes an airplane that takes off and hikes along with a multiplier. The greater its altitude, the greater your potential win becomes, as well as the threat of the plane flying away. You aim to cash out with a hiked payout before the plane flies away with your bet. 

If you cash out prematurely, you attain a small multiplier. But if you pause for the plane and its multiplier to go higher, you can win a larger prize or endanger losing your bet. It’s completely up to you. 

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The mandates are simple: click out if you think the plane has already attained enough multipliers equivalent to the sum you wish to cash out. Do it as swiftly as you can before it exits the screen. If you miss tapping out, you lose your bet. 

Winning Strategy of Aviator – What is it?

Aviator game tactics and strategy are separate approaches that players acclimate to elevate their chances of winning in the game. 

These pointers don’t warrant wins, but they assist players in strategically managing their bets and maximizing their surpluses when playing the Aviator game for real cash. 

They vary from those that prioritize compatible small wins to high-risk alternatives targeting bigger payouts. 

Gameplay of Aviator – How to Play? 

Playing Aviator doesn’t need any special skills and elaborate rules. The gameplay is as effortless as it gets and only includes these few steps: 

  1. Place bets within the five-second betting window. If you miss it, you have to pause for the ensuing round to place a bet. You can also place 2 bets per round. 
  2. Once the round starts, a virtual airplane with a multiplying coefficient takes flight. As the plane moves across the screen, the multiplier elevates in value. 

The multiplier stops hiking once the plane finally flies away from the screen. The period of this phase switches randomly per round. 

  1. Gather your payouts before the plane leaves the screen. Your bet multiplied by the coefficient on the screen amounts to your total profits. Profits can be gathered at any point in time as long as the airplane is still taking off. 
  2. If you fail to gather your payout before the plane goes away, you lose your bet. 

Considering the simple gameplay, Aviator is something that you can play over and over again in a short time. You can also place automatic bets multiple times, so you won’t have to manually bet every round. The betting sum stays the same per round. 

The Finest Aviator Game Features 

What sets Aviator apart from other casino games is it provides distinctive features. The following are Aviator’s game features and details that make it famous among online casino gamblers: 

High RTP – Compared to a ton of online slot games, Aviator has an elevated RTP rate of 97%. The RTP of live slot games normally falls between 90%, 95%, and 98%, with a standard of 94%. 

Provably Fair – This technology-dependent algorithm is what game developers and online casinos to test a game’s randomness and fairness. It includes RNG technology, which is particularly created to maintain a game’s variability. 

Aviator utilizes this algorithm to ensure players that all game durations and multipliers are produced at random. 

Support on any Gadget – Aviator is accessible on any gadget, meaning you can play it on your tablet or mobile phone whenever you don’t have access to a PC. The game is also altered to work flawlessly, permitting you to indulge in it even in regions with lower bandwidth. 

In-game Chat – Aviator permits you to communicate with other players using the active chat log on the screen. Aside from other players’ chats, you’ll also discover data about large wins on the chat panel, making the game more interactive and lively. 

Live Bets – During the game, you’ll view a transparent view of other players’ active bets, as well as the coefficients or multipliers they have won while playing. With the live bets attribute, you learn about various players’ betting strengths, which you can include in your gaming. 

Live Statistics – This feature of the Aviator game covers the live bets, but you can also modify its settings to check out the other data about the present game. A few statistics you can view include all bets, top bets, and potential winnings. Each stat presents the amounts, date stamps, and the multiplier for each winning. 

Auto Cashout – An automatic cash-out button is accessible in Aviator so you can swiftly withdraw your profits once certain conditions are met. This assists you in avoiding cashing out too late or too early. With this feature, you won’t have to manually tap on the screen if you place multiple bets at once. 

Double Bet – This attribute permits you to place another bet following your first one to double the possibility of winning. Upon placing your 2nd bet, the performance and value will be separate from the first one, which you can also cash out anytime through the game. 

Leaderboards – Another special attribute of Aviator is the alternative to see the history of other players’ winnings and wagers. The details about the leading bets, including the largest multipliers and wins, are also accessible. Along with this is the record of your winnings and bets that you can access and examine for the ensuing rounds. 

How to Forecast Aviator using the Aviator Predictor 

Forecasting the Aviator game algorithm is no simple task, considering the game’s aimless nature. However, there are AI applications that try to make correct forecasts in Aviator games. 

Renowned as Aviator Predictors, these apps or software offer 95% correct forecasts in Aviator to assist you bag wins continuously. These demand a one-time payment ahead of you downloading them on your mobile phones. 

How to Utilize Aviator Predictor

The following is a step-by-step guide to using the Aviator game cheats predictor: 

  1. Register at any Aviator predictor platform. Agree to the terms and conditions and open an account as directed. 
  2. Select which casino platform you wish to use the predictor on in the registration procedure. You’ll then attain a unique ID number for your predictor account. 
  3. Install the predictor application and log in. 
  4. Open the Aviator game on your selected casino and tap on the Start button on the predictor application. It’ll then present the result in the ensuing round. 
  5. In the ensuing round, place your bet during the 5-second betting window and cash out depending on the application’s info. 
  6. Before the betting window concludes, tap on Next to see the next round’s results. Bet and cash out depending on the information and repeat. 

Does the Aviator Predictor Work? 

These predictor applications sound too good to be true, and that may be accurate. They say their AI software can rightly forecast the game’s output, but it cannot be demonstrated. You have to pay first before you can view for yourself if it works. 

Moreover, taking into consideration the game’s aimless nature, thanks to the RNG and their provably just software, it’s impossible to forecast Aviator’s outcome. That’s why it’s best to stay away from these predictor applications that may harm your gadgets as well as your wallet. 

Instead, play the game as planned. After all, the thrill and fun in these games lie in their randomness. There’s no excitement in playing when you already know what’s going to occur. Concentrate your attention instead on using just strategies that make winning all the most fulfilling. 

Aviator Strategy to Succeed – How to Win the Aviator Game 

Aviator might seem easy, but it’s still a game of chance where strategies might function in your favor. Here are a  couple of tricks to maximize your chances of triumphing the game: 

Utilize the Betting Features to Your Advantage 

The automatic bet and the double bet features aren’t there just for show. You can optimize them to get the most out of your bets. Utilizing these 2 bet features, you can bet twice in an individual round. 

For instance, you can place a big and a smaller bet that can cover the loss of the small bet. With the larger bet, you can play it safe and cash out at the 1.50x multiplier or greater. Winning at the stage will already reward you with a good sum that can cover the small bet if it loses. 

On the other hand, you can utilize the smaller bet to take risks and attain the chance to win larger! When you get a decent grasp on rationing, winning can be simpler. 

The following are a couple of the automated bet alternatives in Aviator you can optimize to your playstyle: 

  • Auto Bet – Automatically places a bet equal to your former bet. 
  • Auto cash out – Automatically cash out your profits once your chosen multiplier or coefficient has been attained. 

Inspect the Live Statistics 

Observing the live statistics and live bet board can assist you in making a few forecasts about the game’s results. Note the winning patterns and the game’s RTP. For instance, if there are several winning bets with a multiplier varying from 1x to 2x, you can set your automatic cashout to the same values or slightly higher. With the correct knowledge of probability and statistics, you can see how well the game pays out its players. 

Begin with Smaller Bets 

The finest Aviator game strategy to triumph is to explore your winning potential with smaller bets. Try to check out how high the coefficient can get on average, and utilzie this information to personalize your bet sums in the future. 

Master the Timing 

The most critical part of the Aviator game is the timing. Create your playstyle depending on your risk tolerance to compute the game multipliers along with your tap-out decisions to attain greater profits. 

Use the Demo Mode 

Finally, you can practice all the strategies above with no threat with Aviator’s demo mode version. Get the hang of the game and master the timing of cashing out without losing funds. Just toggle the switch from Real Mode to Fun Mode at the bottom right side of the game. 

Play the Aviator Game with Crypto 

At Winbaji, the finest way to play Aviator is by utilizing cryptocurrencies such as BTC. With crypto, you can enjoy quick withdrawals, swift deposits, and lower fees that can keep up with Spribe Aviator’s quick gameplay. 

Moreover, crypto ensures anonymous and secure online gambling, protecting your online activity and individual data through cryptocurrency. Whether you play Aviator with Bitcoin or play Aviator using BDT, you can indulge in all the advantages of crypto gaming at Winbaji. 

The Best Time to Play the Aviator Game: When Should a Player Cash Out? 

In Aviator, the ideal time to cash out is all that matters. If you miss your opportunity, you say bye to your wager and attempt another round. But how does a player know the best time to tap out? It is based on your risk palate. 

Low-Risk Players – 1x Coefficient 

If you’d rather have secure small wins than lose your bet completely, cash out as soon as the coefficient hikes to 1x. You get a prize equal to your bet and can steadily build your bankroll while lowering your losses. 

Medium-Risk Players – 2x – 10x Coefficients 

Based on how comfortable you are with waiting out the game, you can play longer and get greater rewards. Cash-out anywhere between 2x and 10x coefficients for nicer rewards. 

High-Risk Players – 100x Coefficient 

If you’re in it for the excitement, cash out only once the coefficient gets to 100x. It’s a high-risk strategy that can hopefully recover your former losses. See when the former 100x dropped and plan based on it, but only if you have the bankroll to support it. 

Play Aviator Utilizing BDT at Winbaji

Now you know how the game functions, play Aviator either in the demo or the real cash version. If you’re still slightly wary, try its demo mode first and get yourself familiar with your new techniques.

 Once you think you’ve got the hang of it, play Aviator for actual cash here at Winbaji. Make the most out of its distinctive attributes and fly high with your winnings. 


  1. How to play Aviator with Bitcoin? 
  • To play Aviator with Bitcoin at Winbaji, ensure that you have BTC in your account first. Tap on Deposit in the upper right-hand corner and scan the QR code with your crypto wallet to deposit BDT. Then open Spribe’s Aviator game and begin playing. 
  1. How to win a game of Aviator? 
  • Cashout before the plane flies away to win the sum prize, which is the coefficient multiplied by your bet. 
  1. Can you forecast the Aviator game algorithm? 
  • No, Aviator runs through an RNG that makes certain every result is unpredictable and random. You can prove this yourself with the provably just software. 
  1. How much can a player win on Aviator? 
  • The coefficient and the multiplier in Aviator vary per round based on the game’s volatility. Normally, it spans from 1x up to 1,000,000x your bet. 
  1. What are the maximum and minimum bets in Aviator? 
  • The maximum bet is 11,700 BDT and the minimum bet is 10 BDT for Aviator. 
  1. What is the finest method to play Aviator? 
  • The majority of individuals simply enjoy playing Aviator for fun, but if you want the best method to make more profits, you should solely bet on the lower multipliers. After all, these multipliers have a far better chance of emerging rather than the greater multipliers. Sure, you might not win as much as betting on these multipliers, but making some profits is better than making none. 
  1. How do you get more funds from Aviator? 
  • To make cash from Aviator, you need to focus on making those bets that offer you a better chance of succeeding. You should keep in mind to always gamble responsibly when you play the Aviator game as there are possibilities that you will lose sooner or later. 
  1. What is the ideal time to play the Aviator game? 
  • There is simply no ideal time to play Aviator as each round will be completely separate from the last one. Just because a significant multiplier hasn’t come up in the past hour doesn’t make it any more probable to come up in the ensuing one. Be certain to keep this fact in mind the next time you make an Aviator game forecast. 
  1. Where is the finest place to play Aviator? 
  • Every gambler selects at their discretion the Aviator game pattern and the casino where it’s more simple for them to play. The primary point is that the casino has to be legal. You can choose, Winbaji, Kheloo, Cricbet88, Jeeto88, or any other licensed online gambling platform. 
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