Top 20+ New Rummy Apps in 2024: Start with a ₹100 Bonus!

Top 20+ New Rummy Apps in 2024: Start with a ₹100 Bonus!


Picture this: It’s Saturday night, and your friends are on their way over. You all want a fun night in, so you decide to play games. What’s a perfect choice? Rummy, of course! But this time, it’s online Rummy!

With online gaming booming, there are many Rummy apps. Picking the right one can be tricky, but we’ll help!

These apps are your gateway to a world of convenience and fun. No more waiting for pizza delivery to start the games night – with online Rummy, the action is at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Plus, there’s the added allure of real cash prizes, making every meld and run a strategic masterpiece (with the potential for serious bragging rights!).

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And the beauty of Rummy? It’s approachable for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned card shark or a curious newcomer, the basic rules are easy to grasp. Gather your nearest and dearest (virtually, of course) – the game scales perfectly from intimate duos to epic eight-player battles. 

The goal? Craft cunning sets of cards and keep a watchful eye on your score. Think poker meets dominoes, with a dash of friendly competition. For smaller groups, a single deck is your trusty companion. Larger parties? Two decks become your battleground. There are variations to explore, but the core gameplay remains delightfully familiar.

All New Rummy Bonus Apps (2024 List)

Hold your horses, Rummy royalty! Before you embark on your quest for real-money glory, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Always prioritize safety – look for the best rummy apps with an RNG certificate. This fancy acronym translates to “peace of mind,” ensuring fair play and secure transactions.

Some apps take things a step further, offering the chance to choose your battlefield. Fancy a classic computer-generated game (RNG)? Go for it! Or, if you crave the glitz and glam, opt for a live dealer experience that replicates the thrill of a real casino (minus the questionable carpets).

Feeling prepped and ready to reign supreme? Excellent! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the hottest new Rummy apps in Bangladesh, bursting with features and – you guessed it – bonuses! Many allow you to test the waters for free before diving into the real-money action. So grab your virtual crew, pick your rummy app, and get ready for an unforgettable night of Rummy, camaraderie, and maybe even a windfall of real-cash rewards!

App NameBonus
Kheloo100% Usable Bonus
WinBaji100% Usable Bonus
Magic Rummy₹90
Rummy Yes₹75
Rummy Dhan₹55
777 Wealth Rummy₹55
Rummy Best₹51
Rummy Wealth₹51
Rummy Plus₹51
Teen Patti Life₹42
Rummy Bloc₹42
Teen Patti Real₹41
Rummy Nabob₹41
Rummy Glee₹41
Rummy Golds₹41
Rummy Loot₹41
Teen Patti Joy₹41
Rummy Star₹41
Rummy Gogo₹35
Happy Ace Rummy₹30
Teen Patti Meta₹15
Teen Patti Fun₹10+
Teen Patti Club₹10+


Looking for a fun way to play games and maybe even win some cash? Then the WinBaji app is for you! Download it for free and unlock a bunch of bonuses and features to make your gaming experience awesome.

New players get a super welcome bonus – you basically get double the money to play with when you first sign up! That’s right, a 100% extra cash bonus! Plus, WinBaji has a whole bunch of different games to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you love card games, puzzles, or something else entirely, you’ll find it on WinBaji.

WinBaji makes playing rummy with friends even more fun. Invite your friends to join and you can earn a special bonus – a whole 300% commission on the online betting games they play! Plus, it’s easy to try out WinBaji without spending a lot. The minimum amount you need to take out your winnings is only ₹100, and you can even start playing with a deposit of just ₹100.

Signing up is super easy too. Just download the app, follow the simple instructions, play as a guest for a bit if you want, then link your phone number and grab your welcome bonus. That’s all it takes!

Get ready to discover all the exciting games WinBaji has to offer. Download this rummy app today and start your online betting adventure!  This version uses even more informal language and conversational phrases to make it easier to read. It also adds details about playing with friends and the low deposit amount to make the online sports betting app more appealing.


If you crave competition with a healthy dose of security, Kheloo, one of the best rummy apps, might be your dream come true. They offer exciting Rummy matches for all levels, from seasoned sharks to curious newbies. Whether you want a casual game night or a chance to sharpen your skills and win some cash, Kheloo has you covered.

What truly sets Kheloo apart is its commitment to a safe and fair environment. They use top-notch tech and certified software to ensure every game is a level playing field. Plus, they take player safety seriously. Verifying profiles and robust security measures make Kheloo a platform you can trust.

But hold on, Kheloo isn’t all about seriousness! Their user-friendly app and engaging gameplay make it a breeze to jump in and start playing. Plus, you’ll encounter a vibrant community of players, perfect for friendly competition or even picking up some tricks.

To sweeten the pot, Kheloo offers a generous 100% welcome bonus for new players. That’s right, a nice boost to your bankroll just for signing up!  In the end, Kheloo is all about a well-rounded experience. They blend the thrill of Rummy with strong safety measures, letting you enjoy yourself and potentially win some real rewards.

Magic Rummy

Magic Rummy might just become your new Rummy hangout! Security is their top priority, with cutting-edge tech and certified software ensuring fair play. But Magic Rummy goes beyond just being secure.

They cater to all Rummy enthusiasts, from those who love the classics to those who crave some variety. Play traditional Rummy or spice things up with popular variations like 7 Patti and Pool Rummy. Feeling competitive? Put your skills to the test in their weekly leagues and daily missions to grab real cash prizes!

Winning is great, but getting your money fast is even better. Magic Rummy boasts instant withdrawals with no hidden fees, so you can access your winnings without hassle. Need a helping hand? No worries! This popular rummy app offers dedicated VIP support via WhatsApp and email, ensuring you’re always well taken care of.

(Here’s a heads-up though: Magic Rummy prioritizes responsible gaming and requires players to be 18 or older.)

Built by a talented team (IIT and IIM alumni, no less!), Magic Rummy boasts a thriving community of over 2 million players. They value constant improvement and actively listen to player feedback to keep the app top-notch.

So, are you ready to shuffle up and deal? Download Magic Rummy today and grab your ₹90 bonus to kick off your online Rummy adventure! Explore different tactics, challenge skilled opponents, and climb the leaderboards for a rousing victory.

Rummy Yes

Tired of those annoyingly long sign-ups? Rummy Yes throws a party for new players (and gives you a sweet ₹75 bonus to boot!). Plus, unlike other platforms, you don’t need to jump through hoops with a PAN ID – it’s totally optional here.

But Rummy Yes isn’t just about convenience. They know variety is key (think of it as the spice of the card game world!). That’s why they offer classic Rummy, plus popular games like Andar Bahar and Blackjack. So, whether you’re a Rummy die-hard or a casual card game enthusiast, Rummy Yes has something for everyone.

With its user-friendly approach and diverse game selection, this ultimate rummy app is on track to be a major online Rummy player. Don’t miss out on the fun! Head over now and grab your free ₹51 bonus to start your Rummy Yes adventure.

Rummy Dhan

Mitchaell Alvarez’s creation, Rummy Dhan, is a no-cost Android rummy app where users can challenge each other online and hone their rummy abilities. Ideal for those looking for an exciting rummy experience, Rummy Dhan offers engaging features. 

Newcomers can receive a ₹55 bonus to participate in tournaments and face skilled opponents. The game has a friendly user interface, global player choices, and different levels of difficulty. Remarkable graphics and sound effects improve the gaming experience. 

In conclusion, it’s never a loss with Rummy Dhan. It is one of the best rummy apps, a popular option for fans of rummy, offering a user-friendly platform for improving skills at no cost. Sign up now to experience thrilling games and obstacles.

777 Wealth Rummy

Unleash Your Rummy Prowess with a ₹55 Bonus at 777 Wealth Rummy!

Gear up for an exhilarating adventure on the high seas of rummy at 777 Wealth Rummy! To welcome you aboard, they’re offering a generous ₹55 bonus to ignite your rummy passion.

This isn’t just another popular rummy app– it’s a portal to a world of abounding selections of card games.

Utilize this amazing opportunity offered by the platform, where each strategic decision you make will help you progress towards becoming a rummy expert and enjoy the benefits of financial prosperity. 

Do not delay any further – it is now time for you to set your position among the top players in the rummy world and start your journey toward great accomplishments!

Rummy Best

Joining Rummy Best is really rewarding with their generous ₹51 sign-up bonus.

Just so you know, the minimum withdrawal amount on this rummy app is just Rs. 100, so you can easily access your winnings.

Enjoy smooth and fast withdrawals along with 24/7 customer support for any questions.

Despite being around for a while, the app offers a modern and engaging design.

Explore various rewarding programs within the app to potentially earn extra income.

Rummy Best isn’t just about playing the game – it’s also about giving you opportunities to earn extra income. They offer various rewarding programs within the rummy app.  These programs could include things like referral bonuses, loyalty rewards, or even contests and tournaments.  

By participating in these programs, you can potentially earn additional cash or prizes while you enjoy playing your favorite game.

Rummy Wealth

Looking for a fun and easy way to play rummy online? Look no further than Rummy Wealth!

It’s quick to download, won’t eat up your device’s storage space, and offers a seamless gaming experience. With multiple rummy game modes to choose from, you’re in for a thrilling ride filled with opportunities to snag fantastic rewards and prizes. Rummy Wealth boasts smooth gameplay for a lag-free experience.

Rummy Wealth is your gateway to a world of possibilities, no matter your rummy expertise level. You could find yourself on top of the leaderboards or diving into high-stakes tournaments, where valuable prizes await the victors. 

Plus, you can start off strong with bonuses like a welcome offer of up to Rs. 51, a Rs. 59 sign-up bonus, and even referral bonuses for inviting friends. Rummy Wealth ensures fair play by offering the same promotional opportunities for all players.

Rummy Plus

Love Rummy? Rummy Plus is the app for you! Feeling confident? Take your skills to the international level! Compete against rummy experts from around the world in exciting tournaments.

Why not bring your family and friends together for a delightful rummy session? By inviting your loved ones to participate, you can cherish charming moments together, strengthening your bonds through the engaging gameplay experience that Rummy Plus provides.

In addition to the sheer enjoyment of playing, Rummy Plus offers an enticing avenue to compete for substantial rewards, like a bonus offer of ₹51. Dive into the heart-pounding tournament action, where the chance to secure real cash prizes adds an extra level of excitement to every match you play.

Teen Patti Life

Do you love the thrill of winning big and engaging in exciting Rummy games? Look no further! This exceptional app not only offers an incredible welcome package but also ensures secure transactions and outstanding customer support, fulfilling the dreams of any Rummy enthusiast. Make the most of your gaming experience by signing up now and claiming a generous free ₹42 bonus to kick off your winning journey!

No more waiting to access your hard-earned cash! Unlike other platforms, this app boasts a low minimum withdrawal limit of just ₹100. Plus, their secure and speedy transactions ensure your winnings reach you safely and quickly. Need help navigating the app? Don’t worry! A dedicated customer service team is readily available to answer any questions and address any concerns you might have.

This app goes beyond just entertainment!  It lets you transform your love for classic Bangladesh games like Rummy and Teen Patti into real earnings.  Looking to boost your income? 

Simply refer your friends using your unique code and watch the rewards pour in! Additionally, immerse yourself in a lively social setting where you can connect with friends, challenge them to games, and revel in shared victories. With the potential to win big prizes and bond with loved ones, this app is set to become your favored hub for online Rummy fun!

Rummy Bloc

Rummy Bloc is the hottest new rummy app taking India by storm. Unlike others, Bloc offers a flawless user experience, making it a player favorite.

With the release of the Rummy Bloc app, players have a new platform for entertainment. 

Rummy Bloc is the hottest new rummy app taking India by storm. Unlike others, Bloc offers a flawless user experience, making it a player favorite.

Easy to start, easy to win. Simply bind your number and dive into the action. Plus, you can cash out your earnings once you hit a cool ₹100.

Teen Patti Real

Ditch the boredom and shuffle up some excitement with Teen Patti Real – 3 Patti Online! This multiplayer rummy app isn’t your average app. Dive into stunning 3D graphics that make every hand feel immersive, and experience smooth gameplay that lets you focus on bluffing your friends (or getting that lucky win!)

What truly sets Teen Patti Real apart as a winner is its user-friendly design that eliminates any technical hurdles, making it a breeze to jump into a game and start having a blast. Wherever your day takes you, be it on the move or relaxing at home, rest assured that Teen Patti Real smoothly operates on both 3G and 4G networks, ensuring uninterrupted fun. 

Best of all, the rummy app generously provides free points so you can immediately dive into the action and begin honing your skills – who knows, you might just snag a lucky win along the way!

Not limited to just Teen Patti, this versatile app also offers the exciting opportunity to delve into Rummy, a renowned classic card game beloved by many in Bangladesh. Better yet, you can team up with your friends to unlock instant rewards of ₹41.  Download it today and get ready for some unforgettable online gaming experiences.

Rummy Nabob

Adieu, adieu, boring apps, and welcome, Rummy Nabob. Play Rummy, Teen Patti, Poker, Andar Bahar, and more, all in one rummy app!

Elevate your gaming experience by winning real cash prizes! Showcase your expertise and stand a chance to pocket significant rewards that can be effortlessly transferred directly to your bank account.

Bonuses galore! Get a free ₹41 bonus just for signing up, and earn even more with referral bonuses.

Play anywhere, anytime. Rummy Nabob works smoothly on both WiFi and mobile data, so you can take the fun with you.

More than just Rummy! Rummy Nabob not only offers the classic card game but also presents a broad selection of other enthralling options to cater to every gaming professional.

Rummy Glee

Summoning all rummy fans! If you’re passionate about this classic card game, you’ll be thrilled to discover Rummy Glee—a fantastic, free-to-play rummy app that allows you to indulge in exciting rummy matches with your friends no matter where you are.

Get a free ₹41 bonus just for signing up, giving you a head start on your rummy adventures! How cool is that?

Moreover, while the primary focus is on rummy, you might stumble upon other captivating games to explore within the app. So, why wait any longer?

Hurry up and grab this offer with all your might!

Rummy Golds

Rummy Golds may seem like just another card gaming app but an appealing welcome bonus of ₹41 that will hook you right in. Nevertheless, it’s essential to commence a withdrawal of a minimum of Rs. 100/- before being able to convert the bonus into cash.

And in case of any concerns or obstacles, there’s an outstanding customer support service ready to assist you promptly. 

Do you wanna be an agent? No, not a secret agent, but rather, a rummy agent! This rummy app offers a referral program that allows you to elevate your involvement by becoming an agent. Invite other gaming enthusiasts to join the platform and generate additional income.

Rummy Loot

Plunder the card gaming world and loot the best bonus offers with Rummy Loot. Yes, it’s a blast!

Enter the rummy app like a hero, you’ll be welcomed with a hearty and generous complimentary sign-up bonus of ₹41 which you can use anytime during withdrawal. 

Wanna know a secret though? Rummy Loot, the ever-green rummy app, maintains a minimum withdrawal threshold of Rs. 100/- and prides itself on its efficient withdrawal processing system. 

Teen Patti Joy

Attention all card sharks! Are you ready to elevate your rummy experience? Look no further than Teenpatti Joy, a cutting-edge Android rummy app available for FREE download. Step into a world where traditional Teenpatti meets innovative gameplay. 

This dynamic grummy app offers classic Teenpatti as well as introduces engaging games like Muflis and AK47, each presenting its own set of rules and challenges. The developers have paid close attention to detail, ensuring that the game boasts an intuitive interface and stunning graphics that enhance the overall gameplay. 

Moreover, Teenpatti Joy allows players to partake in real-time tournaments, pitting their skills against global competitors, and even enabling them to invite friends for thrilling multiplayer sessions. 

For enthusiasts of card games seeking both entertainment and competition, Teenpatti Joy stands out as an ideal choice, offering an exciting rummy experience that can be enjoyed solo or with friends.

Rummy Star

Let’s take you to the galaxy of Rummy Star where a variety of gaming modes catering to card enthusiasts, including Classic Rummy, Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy bring all the fun right at your fingertips. 

Featuring an interactive user interface with seamless gameplay mechanics, customization options for avatars and backgrounds, and social integration through multiplayer functionality and chat support, this rummy app has been emerging as one of the favorites among players. 

Personalization and social engagement elevate the gaming experience, creating a sense of immersion and connection for players. Rummy Star app goes beyond traditional card games, offering innovation, immersion, and social interaction that captivates players of all backgrounds. 

Do you know where the fun is? Well, it’s in the app’s exciting welcome bonus of ₹41 that captivates the new players and enriches their gaming experience.

Rummy Gogo

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey filled with boundless rummy enthusiasm when you immerse yourself in the captivating world of Rummy Gogo! 

Within this innovative platform lies an unparalleled rummy app that promises to deliver an extraordinary experience like no other. 

To add to the excitement, new players will receive a generous ₹35 bonus, igniting their passion for the game from the very start. 

This unexpected offer serves as the perfect motivating force to elevate your rummy escapades to new heights, propelling you into a whirlwind of adrenaline-shooting matches that will leave you craving for more.

Happy Ace Rummy

Happy Ace Rummy, a highly reputed Bangladesh rummy app, has gained immense popularity for offering an exciting bonus of ₹30. 

With a strong emphasis on reliable gameplay and secure transactions, players can delve into diverse types of 17-card games and competitive events with confidence and ease. 

For a truly enjoyable and potentially rewarding gaming journey, look no further than downloading Happy Ace Rummy.

Teen Patti Meta

The Meta Teen Patti app is not just your ordinary Bangladesh rummy game; it’s a complete package that guarantees stress-free entertainment, all absolutely free. By introducing a sign-up bonus of ₹15, this rummy app has drawn so much attention recently. 

It is a new, refreshing, and thrilling platform for card players. What sets this application apart is the innovative club game format, a perfect setting for friends and family to get together for some quality gaming time. 

Whether you enjoy the strategic gameplay of Teen Patti or the excitement of Call Break and Rummy, this rummy app offers something for everyone. To help you hone your gaming skills and explore the diverse range of games available, the app offers the option to sign up for a guest account, allowing you to delve into the world of entertainment that it has to offer.

Teen Patti Fun

Looking for a fun and social way to play Rummy without the risk of real money gambling? Teen Patti Fun is the perfect rummy app for you! This adults-only rummy app prioritizes a safe and enjoyable casino-like experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking entertainment without financial stakes.

With its small starting bonus of ₹10, Bangladesh players are drawn to Teen Patti Fun for more than just the monetary incentive. The app’s popularity stems from its diverse range of exhilarating game modes that cater to various preferences and skill levels. Whether you’re looking to engage in friendly competition with your friends or test your skills against online opponents, Teen Patti Fun offers an inclusive platform that embraces all players.

In essence, Teen Patti Fun not only provides a secure gambling-free environment but also ensures a dynamic and engaging experience that resonates with the gaming community in Bangladesh.

Teen Patti Club

Calling all Rummy lovers with Android phones! Teen Patti Club by Rhema Score is the perfect app for you.

This free-to-play app offers a user-friendly platform specifically designed for Rummy enthusiasts. It’s easy to access and won’t lag, ensuring a smooth gaming experience for everyone. 

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, Teen Patti Club has you covered. Beginners can benefit from a detailed tutorial on this rummy app, while everyone enjoys lag-free gameplay.

To add to its charm, Teen Patti Club boasts a unique gaming atmosphere with classic music and a stylish backdrop design. This sets it apart from other similar rummy apps. Plus, they welcome you with a bonus of ₹10 to get you started!


Alright, folks, that’s the scoop! The world of online Rummy is calling, with a ton of awesome apps at your fingertips. Each one has its perks and bonuses, so there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a Rummy pro or a curious newbie.

These rummy apps make playing this card game a breeze. No more waiting for pizza or setting up a ton of stuff – just grab your phone or laptop, and you’re good to go! Plus, the chance to win real cash adds a whole new layer of excitement (and potential bragging rights!).

Feeling ready to rule the Rummy world? We’ve got you covered! Our list of the hottest new Rummy apps in Bangladesh in 2024, all loaded with features and, you guessed it, bonuses will give you butterflies in the stomach! 

Now, shuffle those cards, folks, because it’s Rummy time!


  1. Are these rummy apps legal and safe?

Indeed. All the new rummy apps in 2024 are RNG certified and guarantee the users’ privacy and safety. 

  1. Do these rummy apps give real money?

Yes, all these rummy apps promise real money as rewards and bonuses.

  1. Can I avail of these offers from multiple accounts?

No, it is neither possible nor right to leverage these bonus offers from multiple rummy accounts.

  1. What are the legal requirements to be able to play rummy games?

The basic legal requirements to play rummy games include the minimum age limit being 18, valid identity proof, and the practice of responsible gaming.

  1. How can I resolve an issue I face while playing rummy?

The best rummy apps ensure clear communication and stable relationships with their users through their dedicated customer support. You can reach out to them 24/7 and they will resolve any issue you may be facing.

  1. What are the other online betting options on WinBaji?

Apart from card games like rummy and poker, there are various betting options on WinBaji, exclusively catered for player satisfaction. From online sports betting to online casino games, everything is available on this betting app. Click here to explore the world of baccarat, roulette, slot games, cricket betting, and many more.

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