Best All-Rounder in Cricket History? Top 10 MVPs of the Game

Best All-Rounder in Cricket History? Top 10 MVPs of the Game

Lately, have you wondered who is the finest all-rounder in the world in cricket history? We have the answers for you! 

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In the extravagant theatre of cricket, where everyone frequently talks about batsmen and bowlers, there exists a unique breed – the all-rounder. They are the pulse of the sport who can bowl and bat and continuously prove to be architects of triumphs. But do you know these cricketing professionals? The forthcoming guide will help. 

Sit tight as we uncover a list of the finest all-rounders in cricket history! 

Leading 10 Finest All-Rounders in Cricket History 

We compiled a list of the finest all-rounders in the history of cricket by looking at how well they bowled and batted during their careers. We selected players who are retired but are still thought of as the greatest ever. We also included present players who are making a major impact in the game. This ensures all worthy candidates make the list. 

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Our list honors both former icons and today’s stars who excel in both bowling average and batting average. Following are 10 world’s finest all-rounder in the history of cricket. 

Players Matches Played Highest ScoreRuns Scored Wickets 100s 50s Best Bowling 
Sir Garfield Sobers 94365*803223626306/73
Ravindra Jadeja 328175*60175463327/42
Kapil Dev356175*90316879419/83
Jacques Kallis 49522424868565621446/54
Shane Watson307185*1059029114676/33
Shakib Al Hasan4302171440669014997/36
Imran Khan26313675165447378/58
Ben Stokes 2592581036229718568/161
Sir Richard Hadlee201151*48755892199/52
Mohammad Nabi 26513652322492214/10

10. Mohammad Nabi (Afghanistan) 

At the 10th position, we have the current world number 1 all-rounder in the ICC ODI rankings, Mohammad Nabi. He’s a right-arm off-spinner who is already closing in on his 250 international wickets. Besides bowling, Nabi is also a professional batter. As of 2024 March, he has 2 centuries under his belt. Moreover, his greatest score of 136 presents his batting prowess. As an Afghani cricket player, there is no doubt that he has contributed greatly to his team’s growth with both bat and ball. 

9. Sir Richard Hadlee (New Zealand) 

Hadlee is broadly considered the finest all-rounder in the world cricket history. His extraordinary bowling skills merged with handly batting, left a permanent mark on New Zealand cricket. Throughout his career, he delivered a couple of match-winning performances that included an undefeated 150 and a bowling figure of 9/52 in the test fixture. 

8. Ben Stokes (England) 

In the context of modern-day cricket, Ben Stokes has to be the finest all-rounder in the universe of cricket history. He’s a hard hitter of the ball and has an aggressive batting fashion. His ability to turn matches alone makes him a prominent player. Remember the latest Ashes series where he assisted in winning a test match while he was batting with a number 11? Several such tales across formats explain him being one of the finest. 

7. Imran Khan (Pakistan) 

The prior Pakistan prime minister and captain of the national cricket team is one of the finest all-rounders to have ever played the game in the late 90s. While famous for his deadly bowling, Imran is still one of the scarce bowling all-rounders who has managed to score 7000 runs in less than 300 international appearances. Among his cricketing services, one compulsorily has to mention the leadership skills that were critical in Pakistan’s World Cup triumph in 1992. 

6. Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)

Bangladesh’s pride, Al Hasa, is a left-arm spin all-rounder. His consistent addition with both ball and bat has heightened Bangladesh’s cricket on the international stage. With more than 14000 runs and closing in on 700 wickets, his numbers speak columns for his caliber. 

Fun fact – Shakib Al Hasan is one of the scarce players to have ranked as the finest all-rounder in all 3 formats of cricket. 

5. Shane Watson (Australia) 

Watson’s reputation as the finest all-rounder even in the history of cricket comes from his excellent performances while his powerful hitting assisted the Aussies in winning numerous matches, the seam bowling made him a critical asset particularly while defending targets. Watson was one of the scarce 3-format cricketers. He was a clutch player and a simple match-winner for teams across various leagues. 

4. Jacques Kallis (South Africa) 

A South African cricket legend, Kallis was a force to reckon with. His batting prowess battled greats such as Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara, while his decent-fast bowling was equally potent. During his career, he scored close to 25000 runs and etched upwards of 600 wickets. He is, to date, one of the most decorated all-rounders that the cricket game has ever given birth to. 

3. Kapil Dev (India) 

Kapil Dev, the finest Indian all-rounder in cricketing history, carved his name in glory during the 1983 World Cup. His volatile batting and critical wickets stay legendary in all formats of the sport. For several years, he was recognized for a match-saving ODI innings against Zimbabwe. Later on, he proceeded to add runs and wickets to his achievement tally. 

2. Ravindra Jadeja (India) 

An Indian bowling all-rounder, Jadeja is among the leading 5 finest all-rounder in cricketing history. He is a modern marvel who adds value to the team in several ways. Be it taking wickets in crises or adding depth to India’s lineup as a left-handed batter. What’s more, his agility on the field is an added advantage. On the whole, he is an all-round cricketer. 

1. Sir Garfield Sobers (West Indies) 

At the first position, we have the West Indies veteran, Sir Garfield Sobers. Frequently regarded as the finest all-rounder in cricketing history, Sobers was the sole player in the West Indies team to have scored a test triple-century and taken more than 200 wickets. His excellent skills spanned bowling, captaincy, batting and fielding. Sobers was adaptable and was frequently referred to as a 5-in-1 cricketer. 

10 Best All-Rounders in the ODI Cricket History 

ODI matches in modern times have revolutionized, and the call for a significant balance depth in bowling and batting is more than ever. Every team requires a player who can assist in posting major totals and limit competitors one way or the other in the middle overs. That’s exactly what all-rounders gravitate to do. 

Below are the 10 all-time finest all-rounders in ODI cricket. They are ranked depending on the ICC rankings, which are again based on the performances they delivered during the peak of their careers. 

Players Matches Played Highest Score Runs Scored Wickets 100s 50s Best Bowling 
Kapil Dev 225175*37832531145/43
Greg Chappell 74138*2331723145/15
Andrew Flintoff14112333941693185/19
Viv Richards187189*672111811456/41
Lance Klusener 171103*35761922196/49
Chris Gayle3012151048016725545/46
Jacques Kallis 3291391157927317865/30
Steve Waugh 325120*75691953454/33
Shaun Pollock 30313035193931146/35
Imran Khan 175102*37091821196/14

10 Finest All-Rounders in Test Cricket History 

Test cricket is a marathon that sustains brilliance from its players. In this demanding format, a true all-rounder is nothing less than an irrepressible asset. Be it with the ball or with the bat the versatility of all-rounders is renowned to offer a critical edge during the 5-day contest. 

The existence of a firm all-rounder can be the distinction between a decent team and an excellent one. If you’re a true follower of the sport, you can remember so many occurrences when an all-rounder has taken his team past the concluding line. 

In the test format, the following are the 10 finest all-rounders in cricket history ever: 

Players Matches Played Highest ScoreRuns Scored Wickets 100s 50s Best Bowling 
Garry Sobers 93365*803223526306/73
Sir Ian Botham 102208520038314228/34
Jacques Kallis 1662241328929245586/54
Keith Miller 5514725981707137/60
Richie Benaud 631222201248397/72
Imran Khan 8813638073626188/58
Tony Greig 5814835991418208/86
Andrew Flintoff7916738452265265/58
Andrey Faulkner25204175482487/84
Chris Cairns 6215833202185227/27

10 World Finest All-Rounders in T20Is Cricket History 

While test matches check the temperament of the player, T20 cricket is all about the prompt impact. The real all-rounders of this format are those who can score runs in an instant and shatter critical partnerships out of nowhere. Over the years, there have been several of them. 

The following are the 10 best all-rounders in T20 cricket history: 

Players Matches Played Highest Score Runs ScoredWickets 100s50sBest Bowling 
Shane Watson58124*1462481104/15
Shahid Afridi 9954*141698044/11
Shakib Al Hasan 1178423821400125/20
Glenn Maxwell 106145*24685103/10
Yuvraj Singh 5877*117729083/17
Sanath Jayasuriya 111114*2317771124/24
Mohammed Nabi 10989188587054/10
David Hussey 3988*75619033/25
Marlon Samuels 6789*1611220103/23
Chris Gayle 791171899202142/15

Concluding Words on the World’s Finest All-Rounders in Cricket History 

That concludes our guide on the leading 10 best all-rounder in cricket history. If you’ve read it until this point, you already know about the legends of the game who have had a notable career at the international level with both the ball and the bat. 

These all-rounder rankings are an excellent tool to know about the players and the sport. More critically, you can bet on cricket in a better way. Make your Winbaji account today and forecast the result of any match in a breeze. You can also download the app to place bets right from your sofa. 


  1. Who is the finest all-rounder in cricket history? 
  • Jacques Kallis is the all-time finest all-rounder in cricketing history. Although he hasn’t played a lot of T20s, his performances with both the ball and the bat in ODI and test cricket have been flawless. 
  1. Who is the finest all-rounder in Test cricket history? 
  • Garfield Sobers, also known as Garry Sobers, is the best all-rounder in the history of test match cricket. During his career, he sustained a batting average of 57.78. 
  1. Who is the finest all-rounder in ODI cricket history? 
  • When it comes to ODIs, Kapil Dev of the Indian team is the finest all-rounder in cricket history. He is one of those excellent all-rounders who scored a century and took 5 wickets. 
  1. Who is the finest all-rounder in T20 cricket history? 
  • In T20 international cricket, Shane Watson of the Australian team is broadly considered as one of the finest all-rounders of all time. 
  1. Who is the finest all-rounder captain in cricketing history? 
  • India’s Kapil Dev is considered the best all-rounder captain in the history of cricket. As far as today’s modern era of the game is regarded, the present English test captain Ben Stokes is regarded as the finest in this regard.
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