Rohit Sharma IPL 2024 Salary, Team, Price, Career Stats & Records

Rohit Sharma IPL 2024 Salary, Team, Price, Career Stats & Records

Rohit Sharma has verified himself as one of the finest captains with 5 IPL trophies. Without a doubt, Sharma is one of the finest hitmen in T20 cricket who hasn’t disappointed the MI since 2011. 

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However, Rohit Sharma took the reigns of captaincy in 2013 after a few games. It was the same year when Sharma led the MIs towards their second T20 title. Ever since then, he hasn’t stopped and brought one after another IPL trophy back to Mumbai and won the love of endless fans. 

Rohit Sharma IPL 2024 Price, Salary and Team 

Recalling 2008, the then-20-year-old Rohit Sharma was auctioned for Rs. 4.8 crore to Deccan Chargers the Hyderabad franchise. And he demonstrated his worth for 3 seasons with the team. Following that, Mumbai bought him for Rs. 9.2 crores in the Mega auction of 2011 IPL. 

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Since then Sharma has elevated his brand value as well as his IPL salary up to Rs. 15 crore. With this hefty sum, he becomes one of the highest-paid cricket players in the IPL. In the 2022 and 2023 auctions for the IPL, his price was Rs. 16 crores. 

Year Wages IPL Team 
2024Rs. 16.00 CrMumbai Indians 
2023Rs. 16.00 CrMumbai Indians
2022Rs. 16.00 CrMumbai Indians
2021Rs. 15.00 CrMumbai Indians
2020Rs. 15.00 CrMumbai Indians
2019Rs. 15.00 CrMumbai Indians
2018Rs. 15.00 CrMumbai Indians

Rohit Sharma’s IPL Career Records and Stats 

Rohit Sharma began his IPL adventure back in 2008. He is considered one of the best batsmen of the Deccan Chargers, one of the IPL franchises he debuted. Sharma spent 3 IPL seasons with DC before he joined hands with MI. 

Since 2011, Sharma has been a critical part of the Mumbai Indians and as a veteran captain of the team, he knows quite well how to sail his ship in the Indian Pacific. 

Year Runs Mat 100s 50s SR 
201353819 04131.54

Rohit Sharma IPL Stats and Scores 

Sharma made his IPL debut during the 2008 season, playing for the Deccan Chargers. 

Rohit Sharma’s Hat Trick in the IPL 

During his time with the Deccan Chargers in the 2009 edition of the IPL, Sharma achieved his sole IPL hat trick. This distinctive feat took place in the match against MI. Rohit Sharma’s hat-trick came when he dismissed JP Duminy, Abhishek Nair, and Harbhajan Singh on consecutive balls. Because of his excellent bowling performance, he took a sum of 4 wicks for just 6 runs in that match. This unforgettable moment is a testament to Rohit Sharma’s versatility as a cricket player, presenting his ability to make an impact with the ball as well as the bat. 

Rohit Sharma’s Highest Score in the IPL 

In 2012 on 12 May, playing for the MI against RRR, Sharma had an exceptional performance in the IPL. He scored an undefeated 109, which is his greatest score thus far in the tournament. This innings proved critical for Mumbai Indians as they secured a convincing triumph. 

Aggressive batting was seen in Rohit’s innings, where he hit an excellent five 6s and twelve 4s. His powerful hitting played an important role in steering his team to victory. 

Rohit Sharma Sum Runs in the 2021 IPL 

During the 2021 IPL season, Sharma presented his batting prowess for MI and scored a sum of 381 runs throughout 13 matches. His greatest individual score for the season was 63 runs, innings documented by his strategic batting and skillful strokeplay. 

Notably, Sharma’s performance included the critical milestone of attaining a half-century, which he attained on an individual occasion. During the season, he presented excellent consistency and hit a sum of 48 boundaries to contribute greatly to his team’s campaign. 

Rohit Sharma’s Total Runs in the 2022 IPL 

During the 2022 IPL season, Rohit presented his batting skills for MI in 14 matches, scoring a sum of 268 runs. His greatest singular score for the season was 48 runs. During his innings, Sharma presented his ability to find boundaries, hitting a sum of thirteen 6s and twenty-eight 4s. Despite not attaining a century, his unwavering contributions with the bat proved critical to his team’s performance in the tournament. 

Rohit Sharma’s Total Runs in the 2023 IPL 

During the 2023 IPL, Rohit presented his batting skills for MI in 16 matches, scoring a sum of 332 runs. His greatest individual score for the season was 65 runs. His consistency was apparent as he scored 2 half-centuries during the tournament. Throughout his innings, he presented his capability to find the boundary, hitting a sum of thirty-five 4s and seventeen 6s. Sharma’s impressive performances with the bat played a crucial role in MI’s campaign throughout the season. 

Rohit Sharma’s IPL Centuries 

Rohit Sharma has just one century in the IPL, scoring 109 runs not out during the 2012 season. This achievement took place on 12 May 2012, while playing for the MIs against the KKR team. Despite having just one century, Rohit is still thought of as a highly successful IPL batsman with multiple other noteworthy achievements: 

  • He is the 4th highest run scorer in the IPL, collecting a sum of 6211 runs. 
  • He possesses the record for the most 50+ scores (42) in the IPL. 
  • He has been critical in steering the MIs to 5 IPL title victories, presenting his leadership skills and contributions to the team’s triumph. 

Discussing Rohit Sharma’s records and stats in overall IPL seasons, he has scored 6211 runs with an average of 29.58 in 243 matches. He also hit 1 century with his greatest IPL score being 109 runs and 42 half-centuries. Let’s look into the general stats and scores of Rohit Sharma throughout his career. 

Format Runs Matches Highest Score 
IPL 6211243109*
Tests 367752212
T20s 3853148118

During his time with MI, Rohit Sharma confronted a ton of criticism and challenges but every time he came out of those difficult moments. He always attempts his best to bring out the best in the team and take it to the next level. 


  1. For which team did Rohit Sharma make his debut in the IPL? 
  • Rohit Sharma debuted in the IPL during the 2008 season, playing for the Deccan Chargers (now defunctions). 
  1. What is Rohit Sharma’s greatest score in the IPL? 
  • Rohit Sharma’s greatest IPL score is 109 runs not out, attained in 2012, on May 12, while playing for the Mumbai Indians against the KKR team. 
  1. How many titles has Rohit Sharma won in the IPL? 
  • As a captain of the Mumbai Indians, Rohit has led the team to 5 IPL titles, those are – 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020. 
  1. What is Rohit Sharma’s present role in the IPL? 
  • While Rohit Sharma stepped down as Mumbai Indians captain in 2023, he remains a critical team player. He is a leading opening batsman renowned for his powerful strokeplay and is still thought of as one of the most dangerous batsmen in the IPL tournament.   
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