ICC T20 World Cup 2024: Jerseys of all 20 teams | T20 World Cup 2024 Team Kit

ICC T20 World Cup 2024: Jerseys of all 20 teams | T20 World Cup 2024 Team Kit

The coliseums have been roaring with the rhythmic cheers of those who live for spins and swings. The T20 World Cup 2024 has entranced the audience worldwide, a vibrant event among nations, united by a single, glorious obsession- cricket.

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But before the first ball rockets towards the boundary, before the scoreboard ignites with a frenzy of runs, let’s shift our focus from the battlefield to the jerseys of the cricketers of all the 20 teams. Each jersey is a brushstroke on the global canvas of colours exploding on the pitch- the electric indigo of India, the emerald fury of Pakistan, the sunshine yellow of the Proteas. 

Winbaji lets you embark on a sartorial safari through the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024. It’s no less than a fashion show in the cricket universe, or a cultural expedition, or a celebration of cricket, all representing the nations. 

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup All 20 Teams Jerseys: A Clash of Colors and Character

1. Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi Tigers are the heart and soul of our nation. Their jerseys are a sea of passionate green, a colour that reflects the lush rice fields that cradle their cricketing dreams. And, the patriotism! But look closer, and you’ll see flashes of fiery red – a symbol of the unwavering spirit that burns bright within these tigers. Their jerseys are a living tapestry of the cricketing fever gripping the nation. WinBaji supports Bangladesh every step of the way, with devotion and admiration.

2. India

The Men in Blue remains a timeless classic. Their iconic blue jersey with saffron accents leaves the Indian fans in a stupor. For the natives the Indian jersey is no less than a cape, telling the stories of all the cool sixes and congratulatory wins. The Indian team’s rocking a tri-colour stripe design, like a victory lap across their chests.  And check out that collar – it is an “Abhishek” neck, a stylish twist that says they’re ready to rewrite the rulebook. And, how can we forget the all-important logos? The official one on the left, with a shiny star right above it, is a constant reminder of their epic 2007 T20 World Cup win. With a jersey this fierce and a captain of the legendary Rohit Sharma, the Indian team is ready to take the World Cup by storm. 

3. Pakistan

Pakistan is playing the World Cup 2024 wearing the “Matrix Jersey” proudly. This green kit with a subtle digital pattern is a bold statement- the green symbolises their flag- their unity, their pride for the nation.  Babar Azam, the captain himself, led the charge alongside Naseem Shah, Shaheen Afridi, and Mohammad Rizwan.  They look like they stepped right out of a sci-fi movie, ready to bend the rules of the game with their skills. 

4. South Africa

The Proteas are back to reclaim their throne, proudly showing off their new kit for the T20 World Cup 2024- a symbol of that burning desire. Jerseys woven in classic South African style – a powerful combination of green and yellow, the colours that run deep in the veins of every South African cricket fan. Plus, they’ve got their national flag proudly displayed on the shoulders, a constant reminder of the nation they represent. Under the leadership of the mighty Aiden Markram, South Africa is looking ahead to a shiny World Cup trophy.

5. Australia

Usually, the Aussies are a walking advertisement for sunshine with their bright yellow kits, but this time, they’re going “full throttle” on the pitch. We’re talking dark green, folks, a dramatic shift that’s got everyone talking. And, a hint of gold peeking through, like a glint in a predator’s eye. With Mitch Marsh at the helm and a jersey this unexpected, the Australian team is guaranteed to be a highlight of the World Cup. 

6. Afghanistan

Simplicity speaks volumes for Afghanistan. And, it does wonders. Their familiar blue kit remains unchanged, with a subtle addition – a map of their home country. It’s a silent reminder of the journey they’ve taken to reach the world stage and a symbol of the national pride they carry on their shoulders.

7. Scotland

Scotland’s new kit, unveiled in mid-May with Gray Nicholls as their sponsor, is a battle cry heard worldwide. An amalgamation of pink and blue, quite daring, and noticeable, the Scotland jersey is trending on the internet. It’s a symbol of unity for the Scottish team, a reminder that they fight together, win or lose. So, Scottish fans, raise a glass of Irn Bru to the team and cross your fingers. The rest will be spoken through the T20 World Cup 2024.

8. England

England and cricket are two sides of a coin. The English team sticks to their classic whites with a hint of red, a timeless combination that embodies their rich cricketing heritage. It’s a jersey that whispers of afternoon teas, gentlemanly conduct, and a quiet confidence in their playing style. Their pride, unity, and devotion to their nation are reflected through their jerseys. They are here to prove themselves and snatch the World Cup trophy away.

9. West Indies

The Windies are rocking their World Cup kit this year. You would imagine a glass of tropical cocktail when you see their jerseys- a vibrant explosion of green, yellow, and black- the colours of the Caribbean itself. This cricket team is here not only to show off their cricketing skills but also to attract your attention through their vibrant jerseys. If the World Cup 2024 is a carnival of cricket, the West Indies are rocking the outfit.

10. Sri Lanka

The Lions might be roaring, but their jerseys are a regal blue with gold accents. This classic combo speaks loudly and proudly about their rich cricketing history. It’s a silent tribute to past glories and a promise that they’re here to reclaim their throne at the ICC Men’s World Cup 2024.

11. New Zealand

The Black Caps, true to their name, sport sleek black kits with a silver fern. The silver touch mirrors their Kiwi pride- a term used by the New Zealanders to express their national pride and patriotism. A swarm of buzzing crowds at the stadiums, all wearing black, is a view to behold. This team might not be the strongest one, but they sure plan to make their mark in the T20 World Cup world this time.

12. Namibia

Forget blending in, Namibia is here to make a statement. Their dark blue and red jerseys are a bold declaration – watch out world, Africa is bringing the heat and the cricketing skills to the T20 World Cup!

13. Ireland

A touch of the Emerald Isle graces the Irish kit. Expect green, white, and orange – the national colours. Quite shocking, right? It’s a classic combination that embodies their fighting spirit and their unwavering national pride. They will do whatever it takes to win the cup and their jersey is an embodiment of this spirit.

14. Canada

The maple leaf might take centre stage on the Canadian jerseys. Expect a predominantly red kit with white accents, a classic combination symbolising national pride and a chance to showcase their growing cricketing talent on the world stage.

15. Uganda

The Ugandans are the ones at the pub with a quiet determination in their eyes. Their jerseys will likely be a reflection of that – bold colours like yellow and green that symbolise their fighting spirit and their hunger for success. These guys might not be the loudest, but they’ll be giving their all on the field, and their jerseys are a silent promise never to give up.

16. Netherlands

Remember that iconic World Cup debut in 1996, when the Dutch took the cricketing world by storm with their vibrant orange jerseys? This year, the Netherlands might just pay homage to that historic moment. Imagine a blast from the past, a nostalgic nod to their rich cricketing history, re-energized for the 2024 tournament! The sight of a resurgent orange tide on the field will surely evoke memories and ignite a renewed passion for the game in Dutch hearts. 

A Spotlight on the Associate Nations: Jerseys That Tell Stories

17. Oman

This Middle Eastern nation is quickly making a name for itself in cricket. Their jersey might feature the traditional Omani green and white, a symbol of national pride and a nod to their desert landscapes. It could also incorporate a touch of red, reflecting the team’s growing competitive spirit.

18. Nepal

A jersey as bright and colourful as the Himalayan sunrise. Sounds perfect, right? Nepal’s threads will likely incorporate their iconic fiery red, a symbol of their passionate spirit. Maybe a calming blue will peek through, reflecting the serenity of the mountains that cradle their cricketing dreams.

19. Papua New Guinea 

Papua New Guinea’s jerseys are a riot of colour, a kaleidoscope of their rich cultural heritage. Bold patterns and traditional motifs will likely adorn their threads, a conversation starter both on and off the field. This jersey is more than sportswear; it’s a celebration of their unique cricketing identity.

20. United States

As co-hosts, the pressure is on for the USA to not just perform, but to look the part. Their jersey will likely be a classic display of national pride – a bold red, white, and blue. It’ll be a rallying point for American cricket fans, a symbol of their hopes and dreams stitched into every fibre.

These are just WinBaji’s predictions. Expect to see unexpected colours this World Cup. Remember, the jerseys of associate nations often carry a special significance. They represent not just a cricket team, but a nation’s aspirations to be recognized on the global cricketing stage.


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