How To Earn 1 Lakh Daily Online in 2025 – Top 10 Ways

How To Earn 1 Lakh Daily Online in 2025 – Top 10 Ways

The web has become critical in influencing our daily lives and organizational environments. It has substantially impacted employment, leisure, and communication, and this is becoming increasingly evident. This change has not just completely evolved how we communicate and work together but has also opened the door for innovations that reconsider how we interact with the virtual universe. 

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Increasingly, humans are searching for distinctive methods to earn cash online. These days, numerous websites and apps offer the latest strategies to earn 1 lakh daily. Some of Bangaldesh’s finest methods to earn cash online include playing cash-earning games online, investing in the share market, freelancing, and other methods. 

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Before you get onto the different methods to earn 1 lakh in a day without much investment, you should be vary of any fraudulent apps. We have accumulated some of the finest methods to earn 1 lakh per day, which you can consider without a doubt. However, you have to comprehend that you’ll not begin making substantial amounts of money as soon as you start. 

Leading 10 Methods to Earn 1 Lakh Per Day 

Method Investment Required Ease of Earning 1 Lakh/Day
Winbaji Low to Moderate Moderate 
Begin Freelancing Low to None Gradual
Run your Website Moderate to High Gradual
Online Tutoring Low to ModerateModerate
Language Translating Low to ModerateModerate
YouTube ChannelLow to ModerateGradual 
Intraday Trading High High Risk, High Reward
Derivative TradingHigh High Risk, High Reward
Delivery TradingModerate to HighModerate to High
Online Course SellingModerate to HighGradual 
  1. Play Real Cash Games on Winbaji 

If you wish to know how to earn 1 lakh daily then choose Winbaji. Winbaji maintains your gaming delight by presenting you with several money-earing tournaments and online money games around the clock. Just take part, compete, and win actual money all day! Once the results are announced for a match, the successors can cash out swiftly with UPI, bank transfer, or Paytm. There are several methods to earn 1 lakh per day on Winbaji. Refer the application to your friends and earn an exciting referral bonus. So the recommendation is to download the Winbaji app right away and earn large cash rewards in daily winnings. 

Leading Games on Winbaji 

  1. Rummy – Also renowned as Rummy, Rami game or Rumi game, is a draw-and-discard matching-card game that will have accurate sequences by utilizing melding cards. The game offers different challenges that enhance the enjoyment of playing cards. Among the most popular rummy versions accessible on Winbaji are the Bangladesh Rummy and Gin Rummy. Winbaji has additionally brought newer versions of the sport, such as Rummy Puzzle. 
  1. Poker – With Winbaji Poker, you can communicate in all your chosen poker games alongside different networks of players, round-the-clock. The prominent element is that there may be a table for you, customized to the limit that aligns with your finances. Play and win real money with actual players online. 
  1. Ludo – This is a traditional board game enjoyed by 2 or 4 players. Originating from Pachisi, an Bangladesh game, Ludo has become an internationally famous game. What makes this game particularly appealing is its availability to players of all age groups, offline and online. Ludo is a perfect choice for earning funds. 
  1. Call Break – Essentially, this game is the evolution of the trick mainly based on the Spades game. The Ghochi or Lakadi card is a strategic activity broadly loved as a taash game in Bangladesh. In this game, the defeat trump card is the Spades suit, granting trump playing cards mastery over various playing cards regardless of their rank. Likewise, there is a model of this popular ability-mainly based game – Trump Callbreak, where players can select their trump card. 
  1. Snakes and Ladders – One of the most appealing games from decades is Snakes and Ladders. It’s an entertaining board game played between 2 to 4 players. This board game has gridded squares adorned with several snakes and ladders, forming connections throughout. The primary objective is to guide one’s pawn according to the number on the die rolls and reach the last square, 100, to triumph. Winbaji Snales and Ladders have variations of the money game, where you can play and earn actual cash in your bank account. 

How to Begin with Winbaji? 

Winbaji, as a gaming platform, provides the complete package an avid player could want. Download actual cash games for free and interact with real players online to win money prizes. Winbaji offers free game downloads for players to practice games ahead of venturing into real cash games to win actual money prizes. 

Attain excessive ratings and make your way to the top of the Leaderboards with Winbaji’s exciting cash-earning games. Also, earn a referral bonus for every victorious referral and a welcome bonus for new players. While the application is accessible on the App Store for iOS players, Android players can download the Winbaji APK from the official website to play games and win money prizes. 


  • Gaming Variety – Winbaji has several different money games for everyone, such as Rummy, Ludo, and more, which offer significant actual money winnings. 
  • Cash Prizes and Tournaments – Players can participate in tournaments and contests to win major money prizes daily, which assists them earn funds. They can also begin practicing with free games to improve. 


  • Gaming Habit – If the gaming schedule is not handled well, players may make it a habit and lose out on their everyday schedule. They have to keep in mind to play responsibly. 
  • Risk of Losing Money – Players might lose funds if they don’t play well. So it’s crucial to have a bankroll management. 

2. Begin Freelancing 

If you’re thinking about how to earn 1 lakh daily from home or how to make cash online, the answer to this query has several tangents. One of the finest methods to earn cash is by freelancing. If you discuss beginning investment, then it’s zero. We can work depending on the skills we have. 

Time to be invested can be anywhere between 2 to 8 hours a day. The anticipated earnings can be 10,000 – 2 Lac BDT a month. The funds earned differ from individual to individual and line of profession. There are several freelance chances in the market to earn 1 lakh daily. You can become a digital assistant, content creator, and more. 


  • Flexibility – Freelancing provides the freedom to set your schedule and work from anywhere in the world. 
  • Potential for Higher Income – Freelancers can set their rates and have the chance to earn more than standard employment. 


  • Income Instability – Freelancers may experience an alteration in income because of irregular work accessibility or payment delays. 
  • Client Management – Dealing with tough clients or negotiating contracts can be difficult for freelancers. 

3. Run Your Website 

You could utilzie a few methods to make 1 lakh daily via a website. You may think that selling merchandise through e-commerce platforms has been the most effortless method to make cash online, and online stores play their part. You only require some effort, time, and a brilliant website builder. 

Monetizing websites has never been more worthwhile or famous, whether as a small side hustle or your complete monthly income. 

A few monetization strategies are simple, but a couple are more intricate. However, all can do wonders – if done accurately. Generating large sums of cash from a website includes selling services or products, Sponsored Posts, Selling Ad Space, and many more. 


  • Control – Running toys website offers you complete control over its content, functionality, and design. 
  • Revenue Potential – Websites can produce income via affiliate marketing, ads, or e-commerce. 


  • Responsibility – Handling a website demands time and effort for updates, maintenance, and content creation. 
  • Competition – With endless websites online, sticking out and attracting visitors can be challenging. 

4. Online Tutoring 

Another solution for how to earn 1 lakh daily is tutoring online. You can make funds as a tutor online by finding your initial few customers and generating referrals. You can grow online hourly after making your position in the online world of tutoring. Several educators start their careers by registering with online tutoring systems. These systems normally hire, offer access to clients, and provide sources to assist tutors elevate their income. 

However, several elements impact how much you can make out of these tutoring jobs. You can effortlessly make more finds than 20,000 BDT to 1 lakh BDT per month from tutoring jobs. However, producing a consistent revenue movement will take some time. You don’t require a diploma for a tutoring job on the web.  

5. Language Translation 

Knowing your very own language is a helpful thing and can assist you a ton if you wish to know how to earn 1 lakh per day. You can begin working as an online translator. As a result, this answers your questions on how to make 1 lakh per day online, too. 

Being a translator demands knowing whether your language is accurate or a second/third language. Several countrywide or global firms are searching for those who can translate for them. Brilliant proficiency is the sole aspect you require to start your adventure as a translator. There is no requirement to invest funds in this. 


  • Business Opportunities – Translation permits businesses to reach global markets and enlarge their customer base. 
  • Earnings – This can be based on the region and the requirement for translation services. Freelance services can be anywhere between 3 BDT to 15 BDT per word based on the specialized field, or urgency. A few experienced translators can earn even greater rates. 


  • Time-consuming – Translation can be a time-consuming procedure, particularly for intricate texts or several languages. 
  • Machine Translation Limitations – Automated translation tools may generate awkward or inaccurate translations, demanding human interventions for quality control. 
  1. YouTube Channel 

Beginning a YouTube channel isn’t perpetually a major deal, however, making it well-known and turning it into a career takes energy, commitment, and time. Eminent YouTubers such as Ashish Chanchlani, and Bhuvam Bam took a long time to attain this degree. This reputation has improved in recent years. 

They started with a virtual digital camera and claimed they had attained a level where one could earn from 1 lakh to 10 lakh BDT daily. The monetization component comes following this. To answer the query of how to earn 1 lakh daily with little investment on your YouTube, you are required to attain a benchmark of 10,000 subscribers, register on Google AdSense, and start earning income through advertisements for your channel. 


  • Visibility – YouTbue offers a worldwide audience, permitting you to reach individuals from various cultures and backgrounds. 
  • Creative Outlet – Your TouTube channel offers a platform to express yourself creatively and share your infatuation with others. 


  • Competition – The platform is hight aggressive, with endless channels vying for viewers’ attention. 
  • Uncertain Income – Monetizing a YouTube channel may not perpetually result in substantial or stable income, making financial planning tough. 
  1. Intraday Trading 

Financial institutions announced that intraday buying and selling isn’t always suitable for all since the share market buyers have to retain a practical angel with intelligence. Emotional elements also significantly impact the capability to take benefits of intraday trading. There are no swift cuts to fulfillment concerning intraday buying and selling. Thus, it’s imperative to apprehend this if you’re searching for speedy money-making chances. 

Trading intraday calls for short share market entries and swift departures after the equal selling and buying day. For this swiftly-paced trading method to be effective, discipline and an intensive comprehension of marketplace dynamics are crucial. Earning close to 1 lakh per day can be made for professionals, but it’s comparatively risky for beginners, even with the finest trading strategies and intraday indicators. 


  • Flexibility – Intraday Traders can adapt swiftly to switching market conditions and capitalize on brief price movements. 
  • Potential for Swift Profits – Intraday trading permits the possibility of earning profits within an individual trading day. 


  • High Risk – Intraday trading includes substantial risk because of the volatile nature of temporary price movements.
  • Transaction Costs – Consistent buying and selling increase transaction costs, including taxes and brokerage fees. 
  1. Derivative Trading 

Derivatives, such as options and futures, offer excessive leverage, and selling and buying on expiry can produce substantial returns. While these components permit professional buyers to earn 1 lakh per day, they also showcase significant dangers. 

Futures and options are, in regular terms, speculative, and leverage is a mixed blessing. Therefore, it’s important to recognize the bits of every margin, leverage, and contract, mixed with a struggle-examined opportunity mant strategy. 


  • Hedging – Derivatives offer a method to manage risk by hedging against adverse price movements in underlying benefits. 
  • Liquidity – Derivative markets frequently have elevated liquidity, permitting efficient and quick buying and selling of contracts. 


  • High Risk – Derivative trading includes substantial risk because of price volatility, and possible losses exceeding beginning investments. 
  • Counterparty Risk – Derivative contracts are matters of counterparty risk, as they rely on the financial stability and integrity of counterparties. 
  1. Delivery Trading 

In delivery trading, you buy and maintain stocks for a lengthy time, aiming to attain the ability to price profit through the years. While it includes marketplace threats, it doesn’t include equal-day selling and buying volatility and margin pressure that intraday selling and buying does, making it a firm choice for several market buyers. 

This lengthy period of surplus permits delivery share market investors to take benefit of the increasing profit of their investments. Because of its nature to keep investment for a long period, delivery in the inventory marketplace poses comparatively lower risks compared to distinctive trading codecs. 

  1. Online Course Selling 

If you are still thinking about how to earn 1 lakh per day, this one is your answer. Begin selling online courses with any inbuilt skill in any certain niche. You can share it with others or train them, as well and no certain degree is required. You can make videos of yourself teaching topics in-depth and offer a brilliant experience to your audience in 10 to 20 videos, completely covering the topic. 


  • Scalability – Online courses can be sold to endless students, permitting scalability and the possibility of elevated profits. 
  • Global Reach – Online courses have an international reach, permitting sellers to reach students on a global scale. 


  • Refund Requests – Sellers may come across refund requests from unsatisfied students, impacting reputation and revenue. 
  • Technical Investment – Sellers may also face technical difficulties in hosting, creating, and maintaining online courses, particularly for those new to e-learning platforms. 


In conclusion, people can earn 1 lakh daily in Bangladesh. The options are diverse and large, from freelancing to the share market. However, it’s critical to keep in mind that earning cash online demands skills, hard work, patience, and determination. 

Discovering brilliant approaches to earning cash in Bangladesh can take time, however, anyone can make decent earnings online with the correct skills, effort, and information. So, find the exceptional strategies mentioned above and find the one that matches you the best.

Keep in mind to always be careful of fraudulent websites and chances and only select legitimate and dependable methods to earn cash online. With an accurate attitude and resolution, you may begin your passive income journey today and achieve financial freedom.  


  1. What are the quickest methods to generate 1 lakh BDT? 
  • Below are different methods to earn 1 lakh BDT in Bangladesh. Some of the famous alternatives include Winbaji, Online Tutoring, Investing in Share Market, Delivery Services, and many others. 
  1. How to earn 1 lakh daily by the Share Market? 
  • Intraday trading is an exciting, quick, and possibly beneficial method to earn 1 lakh in the share market. With that said, it demands deep knowledge, risk management, and discipline. Earning 1 lakh daily may be achievable for professionals but relatively risky for beginners, even with the finest stock trading strategies and intraday indicators
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