Top 20 Fantasy Cricket Apps List To Download & Win Real Money Daily

Top 20 Fantasy Cricket Apps List To Download & Win Real Money Daily

The standard of sports has evolved greatly over the last century. Be it Football, Cricket, or any other sport. Technical advancements have glorified the ensuing generation of sports. With the elevation in demand, the quality of sports has gone on to a higher level. Aside from the international matches, the passion for franchise sports elevated and that’s where the story of fantasy sports, leagues, and fantasy leagues starts.

In this blog, we will discuss the leading 15 fantasy cricket apps to win actual money. 

What is Fantasy Cricket? 

When 2 internationally renowned cricket teams play a cricket match or a tournament that is telecasted LIVE on digital media or television, users/fans are permitted to make their dream playing XI through different fantasy applications such as Kheloo, Winbaji, and many more. By making the dream team, players are permitted to join different contests accessible in the application. An entry toll is required to take part in the contest. Regarding the contest size, the entry toll differs and so are the winning prizes. This is how fantasy cricket is operated in India with different fantasy apps such as Winbaji, Kheloo, and many more. 

So now, let’s move on to the leading 20 fantasy cricket applications. 

  1. WinBaji

The WinBaji online platform is renowned for its abundant games and real cash-earning sites. WinBaji is one of the top mobile game apps with tons of alternatives to play different games and earn actual cash. Players stick to playing games that offer surpluses. There is no shadow of a doubt as to why Winbaji is one of the finest alternatives for playing daily fantasy sports and online games. 

  1. MPL 

The MPL, or Mobile Premier League is known for its excellent games and actual-cash-earning platforms. This site is among the top mobile game apps with endless alternatives to play distinctive games and each cash. There is no confusion as to why MPL is one of the finest options for playing online games as well as daily fantasy sports. 

MPL comes with tons of alternatives for mobile gaming that include actual-life matches, earning cash, major cash prizes, and also fantasy news. It covers all game categories such as puzzle games, casual games, and tons of other entertaining games. Players can play by paying an entry charge for different tournaments and winners can withdraw their profits through UPI methods. You can take part in contests as well as competitions such as Double Bonus, 4x Bonus, and more. Your returns will be computed depending on how much cash you invest per point you attain. 

  1. Kheloo

Another famous fantasy cricket app presently accessible on the market with a major user base is the Winbaji app. Since the introduction of this app, the aim has been to support cricket games in secure sports bets and permit users to earn real cash while having an enjoyable experience on the platform at the same time. On this app, players can create their virtual teams, play, and win major rewards. Furthermore, this app doesn’t just cater to fantasy cricket players but users can also choose from an entourage of sports such as football, kabaddi, and ton more. 

  1. Dream11 

Dream11 is one of the most famous fantasy cricket applications currently accessible on the market with a large customer base. This app is also one of the cash-earning fantasy applications where players can earn actual cash. 

The main aim of this application is to support cricket games in safe sports bets and permit players to earn actual cash. Later, the app developed and touched great heights with sporting events such as Baseball, Football, and more. Dislike a majority of online games, you don’t have to select a winning team. Instead, similar to MPL, you can select 11 players from a virtual team, which includes a captain and a vice-captain. If your choice is accurate, you will earn coins and points when you complete the game. 

  1. 88cric 

If you’re searching for a bountiful fantasy cricket app? Then 88cric can be one of the finest apps to play fantasy cricket and win actual money. In this application, players can make actual cash by playing tournaments organized by the game owner. After triumphing the match, players can transfer their winning sum to their bank account. Furthermore, all the statistics and other team and player-related details can assist the bettor make more effective decisions and win contests and tournaments. 

  1. My11Circle 

My11Circle is a section of Games24x7 and offers the finest fantasy games at your disposal. This game also provides the same gameplay experience as other fantasy applications with more than 5 million players internationally. Select a game, and win money daily in My11Circle. 

Fantasy football and cricket or any fantasy games in general elevate your skill and permit you to win real money rewards. My11Circle provides a highly secure site to make the most of fantasy sports online. 

  1. Jeetojackpot 

One of India’s fastest-growing fantasy apps that offers players an effortless and entertaining fantasy league experience is Jeetojackpot. With well over 8 Million users and close to Rs. 5,00,000 bonuses daily, Jeetojackpot has become the final choice for gaming professionals when it comes to fantasy sports. Furthermore, once players have won their selected matches, they can transfer their profit sums to their banking accounts. 

  1. Paytm First Games 

Paytm First Games can be classified as one of the finest applications to play fantasy cricket and win actual money. It is powered by a top brand Paytm, and it provides tons of engaging online games besides fantasy cricket which leads to more methods of earning funds. In this application, players can make cash by playing tournaments arranged by the game owner. Following a triumph in the match, players can transfer their winning sum to their bank accounts. 

  1. Big Cash 

The Big Cash game application is similar to MPL looking at its designs and interface. Big Cash app is one of the most reliable applications to earn cash online by playing different online games. In this app, similar to the endless games mentioned above, tournaments of distinctive games are organized in which the user has to participate and succeed. If the bettor wins the tournament, they are rewarded with cash that can later on be transferred to the bank accounts. 

  1. Jeeto7 

Jeeto7 is one of the fastest-growing fantasy applications in India that offers you a seamless and enjoyable fantasy league experience. It’s a fantasy sports management site that offers Indian sports lovers a site to present their knowledge in sports. Players can make their team of actual players from ensuing matches, score points on their on-field performances, and battle with other app users. The Jeeto7 app is promising to be a competitive fantasy league in the years ahead. 

  1. Gamezy 

This app is India’s quickest-growing fantasy application that offers you an excellent fantasy league experience. Every player begins with a credit score of 100 based on which they make their teams. It makes certain that every player begins the same, gets to play just and the game stays thrilling. 

On the Gamezy application, a player can also check the performance of another user in the concluding 5 matches. Besides the fantasy points, users can also examine the bowling average, percentage of individuals choosing certain players for a certain match, usual batting position, and strike rate. With these comparison statistics and details, you can make a more efficient team to succeed in contests. 

  1. PlayerzPot 

PlayerzPot is yet another fantasy sports application that is evolving greatly in India and has become one of the finest players in a minimal time. With more than 15 million users and close to 100 million bonuses daily, PlayerzPot has become the ultimate selection for gaming professionals when it comes to fantasy sports. 

In PlayerzPot users can play fantasy football and fantasy cricket as well as other thrilling games such as SLL, Ludo, Rummy games, and more. You can also dive deep into games such as Chain Reaction, Fruit Slice, Stacky Bird, Quiz Games, AntMan, and numerous others. 

  1. BalleBaazi 

Fantasy games are games of skill that demand players to comprehend the game they opt to play to win actual money. For instance, if you opt to play fantasy cricket, you should pursue the game of cricket consistently to spot key players that can assist you win real money. 

By conducting a little research in the present newspaper and investigating the robust and updated weather forecast, you will attain the edge you need to build a victorious team. 

  1. Jeeto88 

One of the newer fantasy cricket apps is Jeeto88, which offers its players daily rewards. To enjoy the advantages of the app, the user has to download the application and select a game to play. Join a present league or make one of your own. Once the leagues have been created, select players to begin the game. 

The following are the advantages of playing fantasy cricket in Jeeto88: 

  • Chances to win actual cash
  • Swift withdrawals and deposits
  • Command your team
  • Improves decision-making skills
  • Report of player intelligence
  • Responsible Gaming 
  1. CricBet88 

CricBet88 is India’s largest sports gaming site with bettors playing Fantasy Cricket. It’s a fantasy Sports Management Site that provides Indian sports lovers a site to present their knowledge in sports. Players can put together their team of real-life players from forthcoming matches, score points depending on their on-field performance, and battle with other players. 

CricBet88 is another promising to be a competitive fantasy league in the time ahead. 

  1. Parimatch 

The Parimatch fantasy app is an online fantasy sports and multi-gaming platform that permits players to put together virtual teams, earn points depending on actual players’ performance, and battle against other players in different fantasy sports leagues. The primary aim of fantasy cricket is to score as many fantasy points as possible and stand high on the leaderboard on the fantasy league application. 

Fantasy sports is a game of skill that demands players to use their sports knowledge and gaming skills to win actual money. A decent comprehension of the game and a little research can assist you choose the finest 11 for the forthcoming fantasy league matches and win continuously. A couple of factors to consider while selecting your team include the weather and pitch conditions, the present form of the players, and the toss result. For instance, decent batting conditions suggest that the batters can score the maximum points. In the same way, a bowler-friendly pitch will require you to select more bowlers in your fantasy team. 

  1. 10cric 

10cric comes under the leading 20 fantasy cricket apps, with the aim then and now has stayed consistent and offering them an enjoyable experience in every regard of engagement – off and on the field – driving better-engaged enthusiasts and leading to finer fantasy sports with a free signup bonus of Rs. 300 and 10cric Refer and Earn Program. 

10cric Refer and Earn, being new in the market is alluring numerous players, and the users can also take their fair share in winning just with a couple of clicks on the 10cric Fantasy App. 

  1. Nostra Pro 

Nostra Pro is a fantasy application where the bettor can forecast the match outcome and win actual money from it, which the player has to join the match to forecast. In the end, the greatest point-taker triumphs over the league and gets money rewards which you can withdraw in Paytm there is no requirement for pan verification. 

  1. LeagueX 

League X is one of the finest fantasy cricket games on our leading 20 fantasy cricket apps list to download and win real cash daily. You can play fantasy cricket by utilizing your sports intelligence to your benefit to win actual money. The finest features of this software are its various leagues and ability to make quick withdrawals. 

  1. BatBall 11  

Another brilliant fantasy cricket app on our list is BatBall11. In this app, the users can forecast the match outcome and win actual money while doing so. Similar to the 10cric the BatBall11 also offers a Refer and Earn program in addition to a free signup bonus of Rs. 50. Furthermore, some of the finest features of the app are its capability to make swift withdrawals and distinctive leagues. 

Winding Up! 

Fantasy cricket is hitting greater heights every year. Players are earning real cash and adding it to their salary cap which makes live matches more thrilling by participating in the fantasy cricket contest. So, which fantasy cricket app would you opt for your dream team? 


  1. Fantasy sports: what are they? 
  • Fantasy sports is a distinctive game from what we call free games in mobile applications. Every player makes their dream team and depending on that joins various contests (with entry charges) to earn cash online. 

The likes of Kheloo, Parimatch, Jeeto7, 88cric, Winbaji official site, CricBet88, and Jeetojackpot are the finest examples of fantasy sports apps. 

  1. What are the advantages of fantasy sports? 
  • There are tons of advantages associated with fantasy sports. The greatest of them is it offers an alternative to earning cash online. The other major thing is it elevates your gaming knowledge through apps. 
  1. How to earn funds in fantasy sports? 
  • There is a standing bracket (Winning Zone) in leading contests. Once you enter a contest, depending on your fantasy team(s) you will rank with our opponents. Rank 1 gets the greatest winning prize. You might lose cash as well if you don’t fall in the standing bracket. 
  1. What is a fantasy sports contest? 
  • Contests are the pillar of fantasy sports. Players can take part in various contests accessible in the app or develop private contests to play with friends. Without playing contests a bettors can’t earn cash online. 
  1. In fantasy apps, what is a contest size? 
  • Contest size is the number of bettors permitted to participate in a certain contest. For instance, in leading contests, more than 200K bettors can take part whereas in smaller contests such as 8x winnings or 4x winnings, only a set of players can take part. 
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