Slot Tips You Must Know – 20 Do’s & Don’ts 

Slot Tips You Must Know – 20 Do’s & Don’ts 

Casino Slot Games is an all-time favorite casino game of most people. Whether it is a land-based casino or an online casino, slot games have the highest crowd. The craze of slot games has reached a point where it is giving tough competition to casino table games. 

Playing slot games is easy and is mostly a game of chance. Unlike blackjack and video poker, there are no pre-defined strategies to win a slot game. The odds on slot machines don’t change. Except for some scammers who tried their luck and succeeded in changing the outcome of the game until caught and jailed, there is hardly anything that people can do to turn the game in their favor. However, there are certain tricks and tips that people can use to get the most out of the games. This blog will cover 20 do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind while playing slot games.


  1. Bet on higher denomination slots for higher payback
  2. Explore online slots for a diverse variety
  3. Prime the pump, start small to win big
  4. Go for free slots
  5. Explore their Bonuses and Promotions 
  6. Look for near misses
  7. Watch game demos 
  8. Choose game carefully
  9. Play machines at the end of rows
  10. Be eligible for jackpots by betting enough

Bet on higher denomination slots for higher payback

Three reel games were the dominators of the slot worlds which has been replaced recently by the video slots. Majority of the slot games are video slots. The highest-paying slot game currently is the Dollar Slots. This is followed by the quarter slots, nickel slots, and penny games. We do not recommend everyone play dollar slots. A lot of factors should be taken into consideration before choosing a game. It doesn’t just depend on the payback percentage, but factors like your experience level, interests, and what you expect from a game. If you are someone who is playing purely to earn profits and make money, dollar slots are a good option. 

Explore online slots for a diverse variety

There are numerous trusted and secure websites offering a range of slot games. Most of the games are very similar in online as well as offline casinos. There’s hardly any difference and players can have the same experience from the comfort of their homes. WinBaji is one of our top recommended sites for playing online slot games. Not only does it offer a huge array of slot games, but also other casino games. In addition to this, the platform offers thrilling bonuses are promotions that the players must not miss out on at any cost. 

Prime the pump, start small to win big

A section of bettors believe that wins take time and don’t come right away. They are known as Prime the pump bettors who start by betting small amounts and hope to bet bigger amounts when the wins come. The basic point here is to start with smaller bets so that you get used to the game and get a hang of betting. Once you feel you are confident enough you can bet bigger amounts. 

Go for free slots

Free slot games are available only on online casino platforms. Slots are one of the most played games hence online casino sites have come up with this idea to attract more players. Players can play the slots game for free and earn points. These points can be used to play other games or also be redeemed as winnings in most cases. Based on the points earned, players may also receive a weekly or monthly reward. 

Explore their Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos offer the best bonuses to their players. From signup bonuses, deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, and occasional bonuses to seasonal bonuses and several others, online casinos offer a variety of thrilling bonuses to their players throughout. The bonuses offered can be used to play games and the earnings from the game can be withdrawn. Not all websites offer these deals, hence research well before choosing any platform. Our top choice would be WinBaji. 

Look for near misses

Check for games having the jackpot symbol. You can locate the symbol on the reels or screen. Near misses do not indicate future outcomes. They can only contribute by adding a little intrigue to your choice of the game if you are in the right mind frame. 

Watch game demos

Always check for game demos before beginning to play a game. No matter how interesting the theme of the game is, or the big exciting bonuses it provides, always look for the game demos to know if the game is actually worth investing your time and money in. In the videos tab of Google search, type the name of the slot game and you will get several results. Look for the player videos because they will provide a clear and unbiased opinion on the game. You can also check for videos of those who review new games. 

Choose games carefully

Each player has a different playing personality and it is advisable to choose games that fit your personality. You need to understand your goals and expectations from the game whether you want to focus on maximizing your income, or play safe and earn as much as possible. Based on your goal, you can make a choice. For instance, if you are looking for maximum jackpot opportunities, you can play the Three-reel games. It is important to note that, with immediate big wins comes the risk of immediate huge losses. 

For those who prefer small wins, video slots are the perfect game for them. Players can frequently achieve small wins but the chances of hitting a big jackpot are less. 

Play Slot machines at the ends of rows

The logic behind this theory is that if slot machines are at the ends of rows, other customers or passers-by will be able to see other players winning. This theory isn’t relevant in today’s day where payoffs happen with bar-coded tickets instead of coins. 

Be eligible for jackpots by betting enough 

For those who prefer progressive slots, make sure you bet enough to be eligible for the jackpots. A single progressive jackpot is offered on the Three-reel slot machines, but you have to bet maximum coins to be eligible for this jackpot. You can’t win the progressive if you bet only a few coins on the three-coin dollar slot machine. Do not settle for lower-paying games and choose the games that offer jackpots.

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  1. Magnetic force
  2. Automatically bet the max
  3. Never go over budget
  4. Machines are not hot or cold 
  5. String theory
  6. Cheat by chip 
  7. Slug it out 
  8. Inside job 
  9. Don’t speed up
  10.  Never forget you are playing for real money

Magnetic force

These scams would often occur in land-based casinos in the late 1900s. Slots machines were vulnerable to ordinary magnets. Scammers would make the reels float freely using the magnets instead of stopping on a pin. The magnet would be used until the reels aligned in a winning combination. 

Automatically bet the max

It has always been assumed that higher amounts of bets get the highest payback percentages. This theory was proven to be true in most three-reel slots. Incentives built into pay tables were the reason max bets brought the highest payback percentages. However, in today’s slot games like video slots or online slots, this theory does not work. The average payback percentage remains the same irrespective of whether you are betting max or one coin per line.

Never go over budget

Most casino games including slot games will result in financial losses at some point in time which cannot be helped. However, betting within your budget is in your hands. Make sure to set a limit for the amount of money you spend on betting games. If you love exploring different games, set a limit for each of the games and once you reach the limit, quit the game. In order to get a 90% chance of lasting three hours, your gambling bankroll should cover 250 bets as a basic rule of thumb. 

Machines are not hot or cold

Do not ever make the mistake of predicting or assuming how a machine works. They do not have a definite pattern of working. It doesn’t matter if you are placing your bets on machines that have given big payouts in the past or the ones that haven’t. Machines are programmed in a way they cannot operate in the same manner. You can only hope and wish you go home with a jackpot by betting on any machine that you like.   

String theory  

This theory dates back to when three-reel games were popular. During those times, slots were three-reel games with coin slots. Scammers would tie a string to a coin and drop the coin in the slot. They cheated the mechanism which gave them a chance to play and the coin was pulled back with the same string. 

Cheat by chip

A chip was programmed by a software engineer of the Nevada Gaming Commission that functioned normally in the slot machines unless someone with the cheat code took advantage of it. A certain number of coins had to be inserted in a specific way and that’s when the machine would pay out. It is important to familiarize yourselves with the workings of the slot machines before beginning to play. Note that, by scamming and cheating you can win only a few games and ultimately you will be caught and might end up in jail. Hence, follow the rules and opt for safe and responsible gaming.

Slug it out

When slot machines accepted coins, they faced problems of fake coins and slugs. As long as the value of real slot coins was more than the metal and manufacturing costs, scammers were in a win-win situation. Casinos came up with a strong coin recognition software to tackle this problem.

Inside job

In the 1990s, this scam occurred in the Big Bertha slots. As compared to others, these slots were wider and bigger. A team of scammers were caught while trying to change the results. A woman went inside the slot machine where she rigged the results. Her team members blocked the view of other players/passers-by. Luckily, the sight was caught by the security who caught them.

Don’t speed up

You do not have to rush while playing. Take your own time and have fun. The jackpot meant for you will remain yours and no one is going to steal it. The sequence meant to be hit by you will still be there. Rest a little, clear your mind, and play!

Never forget you are playing for real money

In online as well as offline casinos, people usually tend to forget that they are playing with their real money. They tend to go over the budget and make hasty decisions losing huge money. 

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